25 Dec 2011

Its chriiisstttmasss!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Hope you have an amazing day! Share it with people you love :)

Em xx

24 Dec 2011

1 sleep 'til Christmas!

Well here it is. Christmas Eve. As a tradition in my house we always watch The Muppet's Christmas Carol on Christmas eve. We just finished it now, and i always forget how funny it really is. Now i feel all christmassy which I haven't very much this year.
One of the main things that of course everyone loves about Christmas is receiving presents. Why wouldn't you love it?! But I actually love finding the perfect present for someone and knowing they will love it.
I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Em xxx

23 Dec 2011

2 Days til Christmas!

I don't know whether it is because it hasn't been very cold where I am or if it's just me but I haven't felt christmassy at all! I'm sure I will when it actually gets to Christmas day, but it's been weird this year, i just haven't felt excited.
So because of that lack of excitement I haven't kept track off the days and i completely forgot that it is Christmas eve tomorrow!!

It's so strange how quickly 2011 has gone. The years are going by so quickly now a days i really feel like i need to make the most of each day more than i normally do.
So my new years resolution for next year is just to try and not waste any time. Obviously i am still going to have lazy days like today where i do nothing, because to be honest some days that's all i want to do. But in general i need to stop procrastinating and do productive things!

What's your new years resolution?
Em x

19 Dec 2011

6 Days Til Christmas!

I got my hair died dark brown with some copper highlights underneath today and i love it!! I can't imagine my hair not being this colour now. I always used to think that your natural hair colour was always the one that suited you the best but i disagree now. I love it!
Em x

18 Dec 2011

Chocolate! (7 Days til Christmas)

Even though the amount of chocolate i consumer around Christmas time is ridiculous this post surprisingly isn't about the edible goodness!
I'm considering dying my hair chocolate brown soon, at the moment it is a light brown with natural blonde highlights in it and i just want a change!
I think dark brown is a colour that looks lovely on anyone, So hopefully it will be dark brown soon.
Em x

17 Dec 2011

8 Days til Christmas!

Ok so two days ago i decided i was going to do a post everyday until Christmas. 
I didn't post yesterday...
I'm so bad at remembering to do things like that! After 1 day i forgot!
Oh well...
Em x

15 Dec 2011

10 Days til Christmas!

I'm going to attempt, sorry if i don't, (i get busy ok?!) to do a blog post every day until Christmas. You might not want a blog post everyday, but i'm going to do it for my own self-need to stick to something. I'm not a creature of habit :)
When i say 'you' in blog posts, i actually have no idea if anyone is reading this. If people just come to this website by accident and leave straight away afterwards or if i actually have some people enjoying reading my posts?
If you are reading this currently, excluding my friends and family, leave a comment below please! Would be nice to know if anyone actually reads this rubbish i call my blog!
Haha, so that's day 1 done.
Merry Christmas!
Em x

12 Dec 2011

Nirvana for Number 1!

I am currently part of the campaign to get Nirvana's, Smells like teen spirit to number 1 in the UK charts! It has become a pattern that the winner of the X factor gets the number 1 Christmas single every year. This pattern was beaten last year when a Facebook campaign tried to get Rage against the Machine to number 1 over the X factors, Joe Mcelderry.
It is the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's album 'Nevermind' this year. and many think it would be an amazing tribute to the lead singer, Kurt Cobain who shot himself when he was 27 in 1994. If nirvana was number 1.
Obviously my love for Nirvana and Kurt Cobain is one of the main reasons i support this, but more than that, The music industry has become this business. It no longer represents appreciation for music or talent. It is purely about making money.
Nirvana becoming number 1 would be an amazing way to remind people of how it used to be. and how music has lost all its soul and talent now. The one's who do have talent and passion are never in the charts and i really hope this can start to change that.
These are the instructions that the campaign starters posted on Facebook-
Download 'Smells like teen spirit' by Nirvana from any legal download site (Amazon, iTunes, HMV, 7Digital etc) from Sunday 18th December 00:01 to Saturday 24th December 23:59. The final chart is announced on Christmas day itself

Please support this campaign if you can! It would be awesome, and make my Christmas day a little bit better!
Like them on facebook and share! www.facebook.com/nirvanaforno1
Follow them on twitter and tweet about it! twitter.com/#!/nirvanaforno1

Em x

7 Dec 2011

Get lost in a book

For ages i haven't be able to get into reading. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do and i completely get lost in the story and the characters but for a while i just hadn't found a good book or been reading very much at all! Well...
i'm back!!
I'm currently reading the 'Vampire Academy' series by Richelle Mead. It is amazing! i am on the 3rd one and i haven't been reading them very long!! I absolutely love the feeling of being excited to go to bed to be able to read my book and that's how i feel at the moment.
Its good to be back to normal :)
Em x

4 Dec 2011

What i'm wearing today (Sunday 4th Dec)

As i was very pleased i could fit into my old black skinny jeans i thought i'd go for the rocker look today! I'm wearing the black skinny jeans, a grey The Beatles t-shirt and a pair of grey heeled ankle boots. To level out the grey and give it some colour! I've put a purple-pink bow in my hair.
For makeup I haven't done foundation or anything because i thought i'd give my skin a rest, its only Sunday anyway! So i just have winged eyeliner, mascara and a pink lipstick from Barry M on. Barry M's lip products are amazing! Especially their lip glosses they smell amazing!
Em x

3 Dec 2011

Sleep in underrated!

Recently I have just not been able to get a good nights sleep! I get distracted by something so end up getting in bed late, then once i actually do I read my book for at least an hour! The past 2 days i have slept so well! i went to bed at 9:00 the other day and today as it is a Saturday i slept in til midday. I felt so much better throughout the day. I worked harder in school and was just generally happier it was lovely!
I reccomend getting a good nights sleep to everyone! :)
It also meant i didn't have such big bags under my eyes, which meant applying concealer was a lot quicker!
Em x

30 Nov 2011

Face Routine

So FINALLY after years of trying i have actually gotten into the habit of cleaning my face! All my life I've used just regular face wash but it's really started to irritate my skin. When i finish washing my skin it will go red and really hot. So i tried the face wash from the brand, simple. It's targeted at sensitive skin and one of my friends said it was really good. She wasn't lying! It really is great. Especially for sensitive skin, becoming warm and hot after washing my face has completely stopped and my spots have gone down a lot. I've now purchased more of the simple line. I would reccomend it to anyone!
Em x

29 Nov 2011

Picture post #5

I absolutely ADORE this dress! I think it is stunning. It is by Zuhair Murad, my favorite designer. If only i could afford them! I think grey is a very underrated colour. Its beautiful.
Em x

27 Nov 2011

Trying to be healthy!

I went to the gym earlier today as i am trying to be a little healthier than i have been recently! It was actually really fun, i went on my own and just focused really. It was nicer because the gym was practically empty so i didn't feel self conscious. It also means that now i'll get a good nights sleep because i'm so tired from it! Even if you're not looking to lose weight or tone up or any reason like that, doing exercise releases a chemical called endorphin's inside of you. Which make you feel better and give you energy!
Another tip on staying healthy is that, if you buy junk, you'll eat junk. But if you try and when you go shopping or tell whoever does the shopping for your household that you want them to just buy things good for you, then you have no choice but to eat well because there's nothing unhealthy to eat in the house!
Also, go shopping when you're full, or have just eaten. If you go when you're starving or craving something then all the food looks appealing and you're more likely to buy junk! If you go when you're full then you don't really feel like eating junk so you won't buy it. Honestly try it! it really helps.
Em x

Panda eyes!

I've just woken up with panda eyes after not taking off my load of eyeliner from yesterday! It's not pretty...
Em xx

26 Nov 2011


Only recently have I realized how important your eyebrows are to how you look! If your whole face is done up and lovely except your eyebrows. Then unless you are one of the lucky few that already have perfect eyebrows I think it can really ruin the look. I would advise you all to invest in a pair of good tweezers and some sort of colouring in eyebrow makeup. You can use a pencil, I personally prefer the cream ones which you apply with a brush. For example the Benefit eyebrow makeup is great!
Em x

22 Nov 2011

Walk it off!

One of the things I find really helps and I really enjoy doing when i'm in a bad mood is going for a walk or a jog. It doesn't matter what the weather, if its cold, wear a jumper! I've always liked the rain but if you don't like it then fair enough if you skip out on going running in the pouring rain! I just think even if you don't feel like it. Most of the time you will feel better if you go for a walk outside. As they say, the fresh air will do you good!
Em x

20 Nov 2011


Recently I have had lots of work to do for school, but it is for media and textiles. My two favorite lessons so I really don't mind! I love it when you get to that stage of stress where it is just enough to make you work hard and not get bored, but not too much that you get down about it.
I'll regret saying this if in a week or so i'm ridiculously stressed out! haha oh well.
Em x

Try something new...well not too new

If you want a change in your hairstyle but you don’t want to dye it or cut it drastically just change your parting. From a middle to a side or from a side to the other side, anything like that, it will give you the change you were looking for but if you don’t like it you can just switch it back.

19 Nov 2011

Picture post #4

I love make up like this, really creative different looks. I wish they were worn out everyday more!! Em x

17 Nov 2011

The smell of childhood!

A while ago I got a body butter, not particularly because it was good but because it was the BEST smell ever! It says it is coconut, but it is that smell of sun lotion in the summer, at primary school when everyone would come in completely covered in it as their parents has put it on them that morning. This body butter just to me is childhood in a tub! I love it. It is Boots extracts, body butter in coconut. This is what it looks like-

Em x

15 Nov 2011

Picture post #3

Firstly I absolutely love Emma Watson, I think she's beautiful and was amazing in Harry Potter. This is from a vogue photo shoot she did I believe and I love her hair and make up. I want the dress!! So yeah. This is my picture post #3!

14 Nov 2011

What is happening to the world?!

This may seem like a bit of an over dramatic blog post but it's something that has really been bugging me recently and I think people should really be more aware of it.
So many people in this modern world are just plain MEAN to each other! With internet and social networking now it is so easy to be anonymous and it feels like it isn't a real person the other end of the computer people feel it's okay to post nasty hateful comments on there you tube video or Facebook or whatever.
People are also starting to use the term 'fat' very loosely when the person they are describing is in no way shape or form 'fat'! How is it that anyone above size 10 is considered fat when 16 is actually the average woman's size (in England). If someone gains a slight amount of weight or for one day of there life is not wearing make up they have 'let themselves go'.
I really do think in this world the amount of just pure HATE and ANGER is growing and growing and the amount of just being plain NICE has completely disappeared?!
I have met a significant amount of people in my life time and i can think of 2 that are genuinely nice people!
So if by any chance reading this you agree with me, the next time you think or say something mean just think twice about how the other person might feel.
This post is not me telling you to sort yourself out and pretending i'm perfect. I can be a complete bitch like everyone can. But today i'm going to stop. I'm going to really try just to be a better person and i hope you do too.
I'm sorry for the ramble but this is an issue that has been bugging me for a while now!

I love you
Em x

A Guide to Eyeliner

There are many different type's on eyeliner so i thought i'd go through them and talk about which i use for what.

1) Liquid Liner
This is probably the hardest to use and apply but if you are already good at applying your eyeliner this does give a very elegant sleek look. Especially good for winged eyeliner! I wouldn't advice using it for your water line as it doesn't stay very well. If it's the only eyeliner you have and you wan't to use it on your water line then I would use a eye shadow the same colour as your eyeliner on top to set it.
2) Pencil/Kohl liner
This is the basic eyeliner. It can be used for your lash line, water line of your upper water line. It is a staple item that everyone must have but i prefer having a white pencil liner, for my water line and inner corner, to make my eyes look bigger and more awake! I personally use gel eyeliner in my water line (which i'll talk about in a minute) but pencil eyeliners work very well as well. I tend to have all my different coloured eyeliners in pencil form. For example brown, blue and white.
3) Gel Eyeliner
These 99% of the time come in a little pot so you will have to purchase your own brush to use it. Which on one hand is good because you get the type of brush you really want, but it does add more to the money you have to spend! Gel eyeliner is my personal favorite, because it gets the look of liquid but it's a lot easier to apply! It stays on very well and can but used on your water line. It used to only be brands like MAC that did gel eyeliner pots but a lot of drugstore brands are bringing them in now. Which is great for the price! I know Mabelline do a gel eyeliner and brush together for less than just the pot costs at MAC!

Hope I've helped you decide which eyeliner is best for you!
Em x

13 Nov 2011

Heels- In Time

Yesterday I went to see the new movie starring Justin Timberlake (a surprisingly good actor!) called In time and it inspired me to do a post about high heels, because in the movie the main girl runs in these 6 inch heels! Afterwards me and my friends were just talking about how we were amazing that she could run in them!!

My tips with heels-
Be reasonable, if you know you'll be walking a lot don't wear your highest most glamorous heels you own! If you don't want to go with flats, go for a pair of boots, or something with a thicker heel as they will be easier to walk in.
Match them to your outfit, when you're wearing a plain pair of flats it isn't as noticeable when they clash with your outfit. But if you're wearing diamond studded, sky scraper heels think about whether they go with your outfit first!
And last but not least not being a tall girl myself if you are already really tall without heels don't then wear massive ones when you know you're going to meet your friend who isn't very tall at all! It will make her look shorter and you look abnormally tall.

Em x

12 Nov 2011

Diamonds are a girls best friend...

I'm not so fussed about the massive rocks, but I have to say i absolutely LOVE rings! They are probably my favorite accessory just behind sunglasses <3
The bigger the ring the better! I just think it can really round of an outfit brilliantly and if you have your nails done with a colour that goes well with the ring it looks beautiful. Topshop (which i'm not sure if its in the US) have amazing rings and their jewelry at the moment is very punk-ish so i'm trying to not spend all my money on them!
I really don't think rings have to be as expensive as some of them are! Obviously there are hundred pounds and thousand pound rings out there but two of my favorites were about £3 and £30. Most of my rings cost me under £10.
Picture is of a set of 10 rings from Topshop which I want to buy so badly!
Em x

Picture post #2

I love these sunglasses, i love Kurt Cobain and his music. and I wish lived in any time between the 60's and the 90's. This is why i chose this photo today!
Em x

11 Nov 2011

Give it a splash!

At the moment I have been good to my skin and have been remembering to wash it every morning and night. Recently I have had more spots than I normally do which happens to every teenager! (except those annoying people who just NEVER get spots!) but when you have a spot one of the things you want to do the most is cover it up with make up! Well I know its hard to do, especially if you're going out a lot but try to not put make up on your spots, or if you do put on little, and make sure you wash it off as soon as you can. The best way to help your skin clear up is just be letting it breath! and piling on the concealer is just going to give you more spots!
So thus to conclude! As much as want to try not wear as much make up when your skins bad! It'll be worth it in the end.
Em x

Make your mascara stay!

I have been using this for a week or so now and it really works! So basically when you apply your mascara, on your top lashes use your favorite volumising mascara, then put a coat of a waterproof mascara on top of it, while it is still wet. Then use the water proof to do your bottom lashes if you want to as you don't need as much volume but the mascara comes off easier. Hope fully that makes sense!
It makes your mascara stay on for longer, be water proof but still have the thickness you get from a volumising mascara.
Hope i helped!
Em x

Picture post #1

 I have to admit i do like this post idea because it is quick and means i will actually be able to post often but fast as well! So basically I will post a picture of either a clothing item, a piece of art, a landscape anything! Of something that i love at the moment or has inspired me etc. So hope this is ok!

9 Nov 2011

Another 'i'm back' post

I really have to stop being so inconsistent with blog posts! Once i'm doing it and writing the post, i enjoy it so much, i'm just so bad at actually sitting down and writing when i haven't already had an idea of what to write about!
I hope you can forgive me :)
Em x

Bring me back to the 60's

I have been absolutely loving recently, the 60's style dress, the shape and style suits me and i think it looks lovely on anyone. I especially love this pink colour one! Imagine, with short hair curled, possibly a red lipstick, which,  honestly I hate red and pink together, but contrasting colours is very 'in vogue' at the moment so why not! winged eyeliner, and some Audrey Hepburn-Esq sunglasses! <3
Em x

8 Oct 2011

A new show

I just got back from going to see a play with two of my friends in a tiny little theater in our town. There was probably 10-15 people watching it and 10 people in the play and you know what? It was really fun! It was so nice to do something different and creative in my town, where most of the time all you can do is go shopping, and after 15 years i think I've browsed every shop possible!
So I just thought i'd make a blog post encouraging anyone out there who is possibly reading this and feeling bored in their own little towns! Go out and find a theater or a record store, or some vintage stores and try something new! You never know, you might love it! and if not, at least you can say you've tried!

Em x

My bracelet collection

I have recently decided that I am going to try and buy a bracelet every time I go to a different country! So far I have, Poland, Amsterdam, Cornwall and Cyprus (given to me by a friend so kind of cheating but still!). The funny thing is, I bought one bracelet on a polish market, you'd think no one else would possibly have the same one and I know two people so far who have the same one!! Come on! Thats just unlucky.

Em x

4 Oct 2011

Trick or Treat?!

So Halloween is coming up and as one of my favorite holidays I am excited already! So i am having a party with a few of my friends and of course as it has to be, it is fancy dress. I am going as a witch, i have just a plain black dress and a mini witches hat on a head band. It's quite a simple outfit so i'm really looking forward to being able to go really out there with the makeup and hair! Glitter here i come.

Em x

Sorry i haven't posted in agggeeesss!

13 Sep 2011

What a dilemma?!

As someone who is (attempting) to play the guitar but also as someone who loves their nails i now have the dilemma that i need to cut my nails really short to play guitar, dun...dun...DUUUNNN.
I am going to cut them really short because playing the guitar is something i have always wanted to do i just thought i would put a couple of tips for if you want to make your nails look longer etc
1) make sure you keep your nails healthy, then if you have an event or something in a couple of days and you want your nails long for it, they are healthy and will grow quickly.
2) Do a french manicure with a fine white tip. You don't want the white tip to be really thick or it will take up half of your nail already! But if you make it fine it makes it look like you actually still have the white tip, rather than your nails being too short!
3) Keep your nails painted, similar to tip 2 it just covers up the fact that you don't have the white tip because that is one of the main things that shows you have really short nails.

If all else fails just wear an awesome bracelet and no one will even care about your nails!!

Em x

Fancy Dress

One of the main reasons i love Halloween is because it's fancy dress and basically any party i'll have I will try and make it fancy dress! I don't know why i love it so much i just do, i think its the creativity and artiness mixed in with fashion, it's brilliant!
My friends birthday party is coming up and she's having a circus theme, which i think will be great! She's going as the ring master which makes sense as it is her party! So i need to decide on my costume. It's actually quite hard to think of things to do with the circus which will still look nice, I'm thinking a lion tamer and have a stuffed animal lion with me, or lion tamer and my friend whose also going can go as the lion!
This is going to take some thinking about...

Em x

7 Sep 2011

Back to school!

It was my first day back at school today, and I really was not looking forward to it! It's not that I don't particularly like school. I just love the holidays! It really wasn't that bad after all. I'm not exactly now in love with my school, and I definately wouldn't say no to another holiday, but I feel a lot more focused on work this year. I just feel like I have a better work ethic so hopefully i'll pass my gcse's and then i'll be in sixth form, where you don't have a uniform! I cannot wait!!

Em x

1 Sep 2011

Home sweet home!

I got back from Amsterdam earlier today and as usual it's nice to be back in good old England! 

As I said earlier I would post about what I bought when I went shopping so here you go. (I actually kept my promise about a post for once!)

I got a black rubber bracelet in a lace-ish pattern which I am in love with! I doubt I will take it off anytime soon! I also got just a plain friendship bracelet type thing, now I have a bracelet like that from about 5 different countries!
I also got a small ring which has strawberries around it, random I know! If you saw it, it would probably sound less ugly!

And of course, because I can't go out without buying a pair, I got 2 pairs of sunglasses!! One with the Burberry type of pattern all over them, and another pair which were just plain black apart from the sides had leopard print on them.

Farewell! Have a good day! <3

Em x

Hit the shops!

I'm just about to go out shopping in Amsterdam with my Nan, I wonder what interesting pieces of fashion i can find today!

I will post later if not too tired!

Em x

My favorite designer.

So as i'm sure you can guess by the title! This post is going to be about my favorite designer, the wonderful..

Zuhair Murad
He does mainly evening dresses and very elegant extravagant clothes. And they are all stunning! Cheryl Cole wears a lot of his dresses, and despite not being a big fan of hers, i have to admit she wears some beautiful dresses! Blake Lively (Serena from Gossip Girl) wears my favorite one of his dresses in an episode of GG. (picture on right)
In his autumn 2010/2011 collection i think is was (as i said in another post, my internet's not very good so i can't check, but i think it was that one) He used a lot of lace and grey silk, and with my strong feelings about grey being a underrated colour, i think they are all beautiful!

Whenever anyone asks me what would i buy if i won the lottery, one of things i always say is a Zuhair Murad dress! We can all dream can't we!?

Em x

iPod Disaster!

I used the word disaster in the title, because I can't think of a more fitting word, but it wasn't exactly a life or death problem, just really, really, really annoying.

The one thing I love and always take with me when i go out, more so than my phone, is my iPod.
The other day when we were getting ready to leave for Amsterdam I had deleted a playlist off my iPod, but I thought when I synced it with Itunes, it would go back on their rather than deleting the one off Itunes! That was the playlist that i had all my music on my iPod on, and now it is gone! So basically I have about half the amount of music I should have on my iPod. Including a significant amount of my favorite songs!

Ahh well, I shall have an Ituning session when i get home and try and remember what I used to have on my iPod and put it back on there!

Wish me luck!

Em x

P.S. this picture has no real reference to this story what so ever, but i like it.

A few things about me!

1) my favorite colour is either purple or grey (I think grey's a really underrated colour!)
2) My favorite make up brand is MAC but it's really expensive so other than that, Barry M (especially the lip glosses, they smell really good!)
3) My favorite magazines are NME and Vogue
4) I have an older brother.
5) I don't like Nirvana very much but i find Kurt Cobain really fascinating and i have the book with all his journals in it
6) I was practically hysterical after seeing the last Harry Potter film
7) My favorite fashion 'style' is Rocker, even though I don't dress that rocker-ish very often.

well this has been an extremely random post, but i thought, WHY NOT?!

Em x


As the internet connection in Amsterdam isn't very good, the only website that really works is this. So guess what? I'm gonna keep on blogging! I go back to England later today, so this blogging isn't going to last that long, but still, for the next half an hour i shall blog til my hearts content.

Em x

31 Aug 2011

I fell in love...

The title may be a little over dramatic for what this post is about, but i absolutely LOVE this jacket that i tried on a week or so ago in river island. It reminds me of a 80's punk rock girl. I'm really liking that kind of style at the moment, so i am slightly in love with this jacket!

Better start saving up now!

Em xx

I'm in Amsterdam!

So as you could of probably worked out yourself by reading the title, I am currently in Amsterdam! I'm never that sure what clothes to pack when i go on holiday, because i always think maybe the fashion is different there etc. So i just packed nice t-shirts and nice jeans, and one pair of brown boots. oh and of course my sunglasses!

But now that i'm here I've noticed everyone cycles everywhere, but still looking very chic. I feel like it would be perfectly normal to wear an awesome, dramatic outfit down the street with high heeled boots!

So... my point is, if you come to Amsterdam or for future reference for myself, wear what you want! You don't need to tone it down!

Em x

15 Aug 2011

What i'm wearing today (Mon 15th Aug)

Knee length purple jeans from River Island (I got them quite a while ago so i don't know if they have them anymore) Horizontal striped t-shirt from Marks and Spencer and plum lipstick from Barry M (colour 152) Then i will probably just wear plain brown flip flops.

I like my outfit today, it's not that summery, sort of starting to go into autumn!

I'll post later, Have a good day!

Em x

14 Aug 2011

Current obsession!

At the moment i seem to be slightly really obsessed with my nails!
I just love either having nail varnish on or just having them really nicely shaped and just generally well kept! The one thing that i've really been wanting to try is newspaper nails! They just look really cool, if i get a chance to do them i will post how it went but heres a link to a website that tells you how to do them.

Em x

what am i like?!

I went through a phase of posting really often then i stopped again! Sorry! I'll try and get back into the habit of posting, i'm on holiday from school as well so i should be able to!
I will post soon, i promise!

Em x

6 Aug 2011

What i'm wearing...tomorrow! Sun 7th Aug

I'm wearing a stripey wide necked t-shirt with mid length sleeves from m&s with....yes wait for it.... DUNGAREES!! I have to say i do love dungarees! They are like a skirt pair as well, so rather than the bottom half being shorts its a skirt!

Its one of those evening where i am looking forward to tomorrow, just to get dressed!

Em x

5 Aug 2011

Clothes, song and beauty product of the day #1

Clothes- Pjamas, you have to love them come on! they're just so darn comfortable!!

Song- The Strokes- Hard to Explain. I just put the strokes on my iPod and pressed shuffle and this came up. I do love this song! Well to be honest I love any of the Strokes songs!

Beauty Product- Moisturizer, For some reason recently I've gotten into the pattern and habit of moisturizing loads! 

Em x

4 Aug 2011

What i wore today... Thu 4th Aug

Light blue denim jeans with a Beatles mans t-shirt tucked in (who cares if its a guys top i like it!) and black braces that i got from H+M and love! Even though it was raining i wore flip flops and 60's, John Lennon style sunglasses!

Em x

3 Aug 2011

A 'smart' idea...

Earlier i was just randomly thinking about different clothes and fashion trends and stuff, and I have to say I really want to wear a tie! Not with a shirt (too formal), not with a high neck t-shirt because firstly it looks bad, and secondly they don't suit me. But like a black tie tucked into a white tank top with a high waisted skirt or pair of shorts.
Is this my tiredness speaking or could this actually look good...hmmm...

Em x

The sweet smell of childhood!

Is it only me who loves the smell of sun lotion?! It just reminds me of being a child in the summer, when you go to school and everyone is completely covered in the stuff!!

I just had this random thought and thought i'd share it with you!

I guess i should probably make this post a little more beauty related!


Sun lotion is great for your skin, it really is bad for you to be sitting outside in the sun for a long time, no matter how lovely your tan is!
I have my body sun lotion but my everyday moisturizer is SPF 15 i think as well, its from the dermatological clean start range, which is specifically for teenagers. It really is a great range especially the spot cream!

Yeah..i guess that's all i have to say! have a great evening or day, or whatever time it is where you live!!

Em x

I want it!

My recent fashion love but something I've never really liked that much in the past is...

Leather trousers!
I saw a pair the other day in Miss Selfridge, and i thought you know what, they could look awesome! If you like the real rocker look they are great, but i actually think they could look really great with a girly flowery top. The contrast looks lovely...
So i was going to buy them but two things stopped me!

1) They were £45, as a teenager i do not have that kind of money to spend on trousers!
2) This pair that i wanted, couldn't be washed! They could be wiped down but not washed, which is stupid for a pair of trousers as (especially leather ones!) you can going to get sweaty in them!

I ended up not buying them, but that doesn't mean i don't love them any less! i'm just going to look somewhere else for some cheaper, washable ones!

(the picture is of the actual pair i tried on)

Em x

Colours for your Eye Colour

When it comes to eye shadows and clothes, there are certain colours that really make your eye colour pop! So here are some tips to make your eye colour really stand out!

1) Don't wear the same colour as your eyes
2)If you have brown eyes- Greens, golds, blues, purples.
3) if you have green eyes- Similar to Brown eyes, Violet and plum shades are great!
4) If you have blue eyes- rich browns, Silvers, golds, greys
4) If you have hazel eyes- Pinks and pale purples look lovely!

I hope I've helped!!

Remember to comment below if you have any requests for posts!

Em x

2 Aug 2011


This post was suggested to me by a friend, so you'll have to thank her if you like this one hehe!

The main thing i love about summer is indeed a good old picnic! I had one today which was really fun! There is nothing better than friends, food and sun!
So to make this post more beauty/health/fashion-y i guess i thought i'd give you some ideas of how to make a picnic more interesting!!

1) make the food themed. Eg. Healthy food or food you remember from your childhood.
2) Make the clothes themed! Everyone has to wear something they wouldn't normally wear, or inspired by something!
3) Make it a planning picnic, picnics are quite casual events, and I honestly love planning stuff, i don't know why i just do! So make the picnic a meeting for your friends to plan a trip to the beach or even planning your lives if you want something a little more serious!

Go and invite a couple of your friends and no matter how old you are go for a picnic, you'll love it!

Em x

Anything goes

I'm the kind of person who every single day wears a different 'style' of clothing. Sometimes it's rocker, sometimes boho, sometimes just plain random and awesome!
So I encourage everyone to when you wake up tomorrow or the next time you get dressed, wear something you wouldn't normally wear or try a different style, I do it everyday and trust me, It's fun!!

Em x

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse's death the other day really was a surprise to me, i found out about it on Facebook that evening, and i really was shocked. She was only 27. The same age as Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin when they died.
As she did die from a drug overdose some people are less sympathetic towards her.
No matter how someone dies, when you are 27 and have so much talent it is a truly sad loss to the world.
I bought the recent edition of NME that was about her, and i love the cover. Its simple and elegant, it didn't need anything else on it.

Em x

My one true love...

I'm not even slightly ashamed to admit that i am genuinely in love with and addicted to sunglasses!

They are without a doubt my favorite accessory! Everyone should have a pair...or 10

Em x

Summer Style

Where I am in the big wide world it is boiling at the moment! I am just about to leave to go for a picnic but thought i'd quickly tell you what i'm wearing first!

I'm wearing a green tank top tucked into a brown and white skirt which has been pulled up to make an empire waist, The empire waist (which really suits me more than other waists!) is accentuation by a brown belt, flip flops and of course! Sunglasses!!

Have a great day!!

Em x

1 Aug 2011

Prom- it's all about the dress!

So the prom season is upon us! Or Home coming if you're from America, and so it is time for all the girls to buy their dresses! So here is my Prom fashion and beauty guide!
1) Go for a more evening dinner style than fairy princess, there is nothing worse in a prom dress than fluffy pink sequins and sparkles!
2) It is very easy to want to do everything you can possibly do! Make up, hair, jewelry, bag, dress! The normal rules of less is more still apply! If you're going for a necklace don't wear earrings, if you have a sparkly dress most likely you don't even need much jewelry at all!
3) similar to tip 2, less is more with the makeup as well! If you do want to do something fancier than your usual make up either tone up the lips OR the eyes! Not both!
4) Wear heels but try and find some that aren't absolutely going to murder your feet! If you really love them and you have to put up with them, try putting some Vaseline on the bits that rub on your shoe or get some blister plasters, It is really going to ruin your evening if you can't stand up!
5) Make sure you are wearing the dress, the dress isn't wearing you!

After those tips i thought i'd say what i would wear prom...

If money was no option something from Zuhair Murad, I feel like even prom isn't good enough for those dresses though! they are beautiful <3 So something simple, preferably grey or some sort of elegant colour, not a bright pink or green. (the picture is of the kind of dress i'd like to wear, then dress it up a little with a bold lip.
Good, flawless base makeup, so foundation concealer etc. Then either dramatic eye shadow and a nude lip or not really any eye shadow or a nude colour, then a bold red or pink lip! (or orange is a favorite of mine at the moment! Try the Barry M orange lip gloss its great and smells of peaches!) Personally I would go for a nude lip gloss, and a 60's winged eyeliner.
If i was wearing the dress i have put a picture of, I would wear a couple of multi coloured bangles just to add some colour to the outfit, as i haven't done coloured make up.
Pale skin coloured pink shoes, or some simple black heels, something thrown together, effortlessly sexy. For the bag, go for a small one because you won't want to be carrying a massive bag around with you, trying to dance. A clutch is small enough and ideal, but see if you can get a clutch that has a little wrist band thing attached to it, so you can have it around your wrist rather than trying to keep hold of it.
Your natural hair is the hair that normally suits you most, so don't do anything too different. I would go for wavy beachy curls, as i have short brown bob cut hair. If you are going to do your hair up, do it slightly loosely or a bit tousled so its doesn't look too 'perfect'.

So i think that's it for my Prom guide, just remember, its Prom HAVE FUN!!

Em x


I love music as much as or possibly more than i love fashion, and recently i've been reading NME and Q and those kind of magazines, and NME comes out about every week! So i feel like i've been reading them more than Vogue (which i'm subscribed to) and i feel like i'm enjoying them more...

But my Vogue arrived in the post today and i sat down with my dinner at the table and read the whole thing, every single page. I had almost forgotten how much i love it. After reading it i just want to put together a great outfit, or make something, just do anything creative really!

Its nice to have my passion for fashion back, (that sounds so cheesy!)

Em x

11 Jul 2011

Celebrity Challenge #1 Hayley Williams

On Saturday i did my first celebrity challenge outfit, inspired by the wondeful Hayley Williams (lead singer of Paramore)

I've always loved her style, its unique, quirky and still effortlessly fashionable.

So I wore, Bright red skinny jeans (which i got the other day and adore!!)
Black and White converse (everyone should own a pair of all star converse!)
A plain white tank top
A black cardigan
and a blue peace sign necklace (I also just got, paired with my daisy chain headband i'm turning into a hippy, and i have to say. I rather like it)

Sorry i didn't upload a photo of me with this outfit, I'll try to next time, but i'm sure you get the idea <3

Em x

9 Jul 2011

I don't know what to call this post...

I will be posting later with my first celeb challenge!!
Em x

6 Jul 2011

Celebrity Challenge

The other day i had an idea of something to do. I told my friend and now we're doing it.

And now i'm blogging about it :)

Basically the idea is, I go out every weekend with my friends to go shopping or cinema or watevvverr. So to make getting dressed for the day more interesting and fun. Each weekend we each choose a celebrity and dress inspired by their style. Cool eh?

So this weekend I think i'm going to go for Alexa Chung, i love her fashion sense. So i will post a picture or description of what i wore this weekend :) Its double-y (i know that's not a word...) good because you can also see how to get their style for half the price! 

Em xx

Hi Again.

Once upon a time in a land far far away, i actually updated this blog!!

Sorry for anyone who actually reads these random thoughts i share with the internet but with exams and everything else...i guess i just haven't got round to it :)

But i'm back!! Even writing this now i had forgotten how much i enjoy it! I already have a couple of ideas for posts, so expect some very soon.

Em x

7 May 2011

Mix it up!

I really wouldn't know how to describe my fashion sense, it changes every single day! I think in the last week I have worn a flowery dress, black skinny jeans and a Beatles t-shirt, a boho style brown and white dress and a polo shirt with jeans and boots. I love the fact that depending on how I feel I can change my style every day! So all of you reading this, i encourage you to try it! If you can easily label your fashion style right now. Pick the opposite look and rock that for a day, just add a little variety. Trust me its a lot more fun!

Em x

4 May 2011

Bright, bold and...awesome!

Many times, i have put on an outfit, with a lot of bright colours that i have then had to change, because it was a bit too 'out there' for the little town i live in. That's why i am in love with the new summer/spring trend of bright clashing colours! I am in no doubt, that i will soon be wearing bright tee's, pink lippy and my skinnies :) Come on fashionistas join me and whip out your bright tops!

Zara has a great summer collection of really colourful clothes, i got a top from their when i was in Germany a month or so ago, so have a browse!
(this is the UK Zara website, but you can find the one for your country just by googling Zara)
Em x

3 May 2011

THE WOMBATS- This Modern Glitch, New album review (9/10)

As a pretty much die hard wombats fan already, after their last album 'A guide to love, loss and desperation' I knew I was never going to dislike this new one, I do love it and have had it for about a week and already know all the words to the songs, but despite that, i have to say even with this being a 9/10, i still would say the old album was a 10.

Favorite song from album- Really hard to choose this one but after some debating between, anit-d, techno fan and the one i've finally decided on. i'd have to choose Jump Into the Fog.

Favorite lyric from album-
'East Londons not a bomb site, its a treasure chest. we use our penguin costumes more than our evening dress'. From Techno Fan.

Em x

ps. i know this is quite different to my usual posts but i've been loving music at the moment especially this album, so i thought i would share it with you!! :D x

16 Mar 2011

Money makes the world go round...

One of the questions often asked, is can money buy happiness?...

Well with my recently purchased Converse and high waisted jeans, i would say yes, yes it can!
Love is one of the most important emotions, I couldn't live without it but in the modern world we live in, money really is a key factor. My mum bought me Converse and high waisted jeans tonight, and i'm not ashamed to say i will sleep well tonight, with a smile on my face! Maybe i'm bias, with my undying love for fashion, i am of course going to be happier when i buy clothes or shoes but can anyone honestly say that they wouldn't be pretty happy with a size able amount of money!? 

Em x

10 Mar 2011

Non school Uniform days

If you're not from England or you go to a particular school you may
not have a school uniform (lucky!), but I do and it really doesn't
suit anyone! We were told yesterday that we have a non school uniform
day soon (we have them every so often for charity etc) and so everyone
gets excited for the chance to show people that you actually look
good! Just not in uniform. This calls for a shopping trip!!

Em x

Sent from my iPod

Sent from my iPod

6 Mar 2011

A Good Song Makes the World Go Round.

This weekend I have been very Musical. Two of my friends stayed over last night. And we just kept on playing music all night. I don't know why I love music so much. It's one of those things I cannot explain. Just the feeling when you find a song that you feel like is talking about you. It can make you cry, laugh, have hope and give up.

I bought another CD yesterday, Julian Casablancas- Phrazes for the Young, and I am realizing how much I miss just buying a CD, rather than downloading/ buying it off iTunes or another site. It just seems so much nicer to have the real thing in front of you.

What thing do you miss?
Comment below, you don't need a blogger account to comment.

Em x

28 Feb 2011

Fashion Don't!

I'm pretty open minded when it comes to fashion. I'm not the biggest fan of certain trends like leopard print and fur (fake and real) but even them i think can look good on the right person. With the right styling.
But one trend that i have never understood, and indeed will never wear! is Velvet.
Please people don't do it! The look, the feel, no matter what colour and what form it comes in i really just don't like it. Sometimes it can be tolerable!
For example this girl i know wore a red skin tight velvet dress, that cut of just above the knee. I might go as far to say it looked....nice. But the main thing that made it look ok was that the girl is really pretty!

If i see a lovely clothing item made of velvet, i will admit it, and i will take all this back! But so far no luck!

Em x

26 Feb 2011

I heard a quote the other day which I really liked, and so I thought I would share it with you guys.

Modern Art= I could do that + Yeh but you didn't

I think modern art is a marmite kind of thing, you either love it or you hate it. 
Its one thing to throw paint onto a canvas, but to have the creativity to think of it in the first place? Thats Modern Art.

Em x

22 Feb 2011

My new style

For as long as i can remember my personal fashion style has been very boho chic, quite girly. In my opinion maybe a bit safe but still nice. On other people i love the rocker look. I know i love the style but i never where it and i don't know why? So i'm about to go into town with my friend and i'm gonna look for some new clothes, and i'm going to start trying out for at least a month the 'rocker' look think classy taylor momsem if that makes any sense? A female Julian Casablancas! 

I'm going to update on my rocker month, so expect pics of my different outfits 
Em x

12 Feb 2011

Valentines Day...

Valentines day, when someone heres those words, they think one of three things. The most beautiful holiday, I wish I had someone to be with, The most depressing holiday. So what is the definition of valentines day? What is it for? Why do we have it? Isn't it meant to be about love. Because now a days it seems like your either happy because you have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Or your depressed because you don't.
        I think Valentines day should be about more than that. It should be about everyone and everything you love. It should be about friends and family, even your favorite meal! Rather than thinking about whether your technically in a relationship or not, get all your loved ones with you, and eat your favorite meal. I love my friends and so i am spending valentines with them. I don't need to be IN love with them, to want to spend valentines with them do I?
      Do what you love to do, make this day your best no matter what.

Happy Valentines Day
Em x

1 Feb 2011

Thinking about Thinking...

I've always been fascinated with how peoples minds work, how people think, and the other day I think I finally realised why!

When you think, you can only ever think from your frame of mind, you only ever look at the world from one perspective, and so when you have the opportunity to talk to people and ask them what they think about a certain topic, it's fascinating because it can open up a whole other way of thinking that you may of never thought of before.

This is quite a random post, but I love getting others opinions and sharing and listening to different thoughts, so I just thought who could I share it with? This post is my answer. YOU.

Em x

30 Jan 2011

Everyday Make-up

This is my routine for the make up I wear every day without fail! (the purple writing is tips or how I do it for each stage)
Firstly even if i'm not doing anything else i will wear concealer, at least under my eyes. I use Benefit, Confessions of a concealaholic (I've done a review on it below)
Pat in your concealer rather than rubbing it in.
Next I put on my whole face primer, which is from The Body Shop. This primer is just like the Lancome one, which I believe is about £25 and the body shop one is the same volume, and £10! If that's not a bargain I don't know what is!
I put a pea sized amount onto my finger rub it between my hands and spread all over my face, focus it on the dry points on your face.
Next is foundation, which is also from The Body Shop, I have more dry skin than oily, and so this foundation is quite moisturising and slightly oily, so I wouldn't reccomend it for anyone with oily skin, but for anyone else it's great!
I put this on in different ways depending on how much time I have and how I feel. One way is like the primer I put a spot on my finger and rub it in with my fingers, or I will put some on the back of my hand and use a brush to pick some up from my hand and brush it onto my face.
I set my foundation with just a plain powder, from any brand, I'm not too fussy at this stage, just find what works with you!
And finally mascara, this is one of the things which I always put on because it's quick and easy, and still makes a big difference to your look! Recently I've been using L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes (£11.29) But I just bought today L'oreal Paris telescopic (£11.29) Which I've only used once but can tell I'm going to love it!
Get a business card or something similar, and place it on your upper lash line and pull upwards, so that your eyelashes are against the card, Then put your mascara on like that, it separates your lashes and means you have something to press the mascara against to stop it clumping. 
The picture inserted is of all the products mentioned in this post! Wow this is a long post today, I'll make it short and sweet next time! Em x

24 Jan 2011

INSPIRED- The Black Swan

This is the first in my new INSPIRED series, and the first thing that I believe could be adapted in so many ways involving art is The Black Swan the new movie staring Natalie Portman (mother to be! congratulations x) Here is some of the ways this movie and the themes of this film could be adapted into art and fashion...
This theme of dance, elegance and animals could be used in a number of portraits or sculptures, maybe a dark misty dancer in oil paints? You never know, let your mind go wild!
Just imagine a catwalk dimly lit, with ballerinas at the side dressed in white or pink and then a beautiful model walks down the centre of the catwalk in an incredible black lace and silk dress (Zuhair Murad style!)
It would be easy to adapt a movie like this into a book, or a short story. Or maybe for a magazine or blog post you could talk about dance or make up inspired by this movie. (I might just do that!)

So let your creative instincts be set alight by this film! Whether your an artist, a designer, a writer, or any one who just likes anything creative, see if you can adapt these themes of dark, elegance and dance into your interest!
Em x


I am going to start doing posts, every so often about something which is quite inspiring or I think could work well in different aspects of art. This is will make more sense once I have done the first post! 
Em x

16 Jan 2011

Get him to Number 1!

This is someone i knows song that he wrote and recorded, and he has posted it onto the soundclick charts, where he is number 15, but he wants number 1!! You can't click on the link more than once per day because they only count the vote once. Just have a look!
Em x


14 Jan 2011

So Smooth!!

I don't think i've mentioned it before on here, but i have train track braces, and today i got the off!!! Finally! It is ridiculous how smooth your teeth feel after 18 months of having metal attached to them! I could not stop smiling at school today, its so nice to do a massive cheesy grin without metal showing! Can't wait to rock a bright coloured lippy to make those pearly whites pop!
Em x
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13 Jan 2011


So in good old England, well where i live anyway, it always rains! So especially after getting the vogue summer/spring fashion guide, i can't wait for summer! Em x

12 Jan 2011

On the way to school now, hope you all have a good day! I'll be
posting properly later
Em x
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9 Jan 2011

Confessions of a Concealaholic

Benefit, the make up range a while ago launched a kit called confessions of a concealaholic. Inside it there are 2 concealers, one under eye concealer, a pinkish-sparkly primer, a yellow cream for your eyelids and a eye brightener for the corners of your eyes. I got it for Christmas! and my verdict on this product is, that I LOVE it! It has every type of concealer or anything to make your face look awake! It's one of those things which you use in the morning, then throw into your bag or if you don't have time in the morning, it comes with two double ended brushes and a mirror so you can do it on the go! I would recommend it to anyone! If you aren't really sure what to use all the things in this kit for as there are a lot of things in it, it comes with a little booklet that has a page on how to use every product! A great item for any make up lovers, or if your just starting your make up collect this has all the essentials!
Em x
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7 Jan 2011

Books w. Em

My mind literally is always thinking, even when I went on holiday and went to a spa I was still thinking all the time, and the only thing that I can do that makes me not think about anything at all is reading. I really will get lost in a book. For Christmas I got some new books, and I've had a few waiting to be read for a while, and so I just finished reading Boys Don't Cry by Malorie Blackman one of my favourite authors! And it was brilliant! It's impressive that as a female author she can write a book from the point of view of two boys. Also a book that I recommend to any woman out there, is Classy by Derek Blasberg, it's like a guide about being a classy woman, and it has tips and opinions all from hosting a party to dressing for the airport, those kind of things that really come in handy! Picture is of a page from the book. Em x

5 Jan 2011


Rarely will I say that a building is beautiful, but this is spectacular! It's in New York and you guys already know about my obsession with that place so that was just the cherry on the icing on the cake! It's The Plaza in New York. It is famous for holding weddings and I now know why! Just look for yourself! This kind of beauty doesn't come cheap, so if some day I can afford to have an event there, that would be something to blog about!!! 
Em x

3 Jan 2011

#5 Make up on your top? I know its PANTS!

     Honestly how many times have you done your make up, lip gloss, lipstick and foundation and then realise you have to put a top on over your head? Come on girls, own up! So what you do is put a pair of pants on your head and then put your top over your head, and rather than your make up going onto your top you just need to make sure no one see’s you with pants on your head!