13 Nov 2011

Heels- In Time

Yesterday I went to see the new movie starring Justin Timberlake (a surprisingly good actor!) called In time and it inspired me to do a post about high heels, because in the movie the main girl runs in these 6 inch heels! Afterwards me and my friends were just talking about how we were amazing that she could run in them!!

My tips with heels-
Be reasonable, if you know you'll be walking a lot don't wear your highest most glamorous heels you own! If you don't want to go with flats, go for a pair of boots, or something with a thicker heel as they will be easier to walk in.
Match them to your outfit, when you're wearing a plain pair of flats it isn't as noticeable when they clash with your outfit. But if you're wearing diamond studded, sky scraper heels think about whether they go with your outfit first!
And last but not least not being a tall girl myself if you are already really tall without heels don't then wear massive ones when you know you're going to meet your friend who isn't very tall at all! It will make her look shorter and you look abnormally tall.

Em x

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