26 Apr 2013

The Dreaded Exercise

I've always wanted to do more exercise and be fitter, basically lose weight I guess but also just be generally healthier and with a soft spot for food I doubted this was going to happen much with food. I'm quite good at having salads and not that unhealthy meals when I want to but if I want a brownie I'll have a brownie I just don't care that much. But recently we got an exercise bike which my Grandad had sitting in his garage so I asked if I could take it and I've been doing oddly well! I've done at least 30 minutes everyday for a week or something now and then before that I had been going on walks a lot with my Dad. I still don't feel like I can see a difference which is annoying but I mainly don't like my legs and wanted to change them but I'm still happy I've been doing it. I was just making this post because I'm about to go and use the bike and thought I haven't posted on here in a little while and would. I might also try and find some healthy recipes for stuff or something and start a couple of posts about that but I don't know yet.
So I hope you're having a good day I'm just happy it's Friday.
Peace and love and all that

13 Apr 2013

Good Afternoon

This holiday from school has been mainly revision for me, exams are coming up and so I've either gone to the library or Costa or just stayed at home but I have done some revision of some sort. But not today, today is a day of doing nothing, it is a day of duvet hugging, TV watching, chocolate eating glory. And so that is what I shall do. This blog post is probably as productive as it's going to get!
Whatever you are doing today, whether it is as beautifully unproductive as me I hope you enjoy it!