24 Sep 2013

Obsessed: Polyvore

You may have already noticed or are on the fabulous website yourself but the outfit collages on the right are from my page on Polyvore. It is a fashion based website drifting into art as well, (fashion is art anyway!) where you can put together outfits. I only joined it a few months ago but I am already addicted. Fashion I've always seen as one of the greatest ways to express yourself, it is a way of you putting on a different character everyday. My clothes reflect my feelings and they can change them also, there is no argument against the belief that if you think you look good you feel good. Basically this post is a recommendation for anyone with an interest in fashion or art to check the website out. Everyone on there is wonderful and it has a fantastic community feel about it, I haven't seen a negative comment once. Speaking of wonderful polyvore users the lovely 'jforjackie' is a fellow polyvore using blogger and you should all check her out. (her polyvore, her blog).
             One of the big positives of Polyvore for me is how it helps you find your own fashion sense, a lot of people change their opinions constantly and there's nothing wrong with that but I always find it satisfying to know what I like and polyvore just helps to make things clear in your mind and be like oh yeah that's my style.
I'm sure you can tell but yes I highly recommend it! If you do start using Polyvore make sure to  message me on there (link to my page) and i'll make sure to follow you.

10 Sep 2013

Some great music

There are a load of albums I want to buy at the moment and with watching Reading and Leeds Festivals on the TV I'm feeling very musically inspired. So I thought I'd make a post of basically just a load of music recommendations, I'll try and describe their sound so you can decide yourself which ones you'd like to listen to.

Band: Peace
Album to buy: In love
Song to listen to: Wraith, California Daze
Their sound: Classified as indie rock but with certain songs going heavier and a few as more light lullaby-esq sounding. They look fantastic live and are great at parties, wraith especially is a real sing along, dance til 3am kind of song. Peace have a dirty sort of sound in a really great way. A few songs have a feeling of Oasis and The Beatles to them as well.

Band: Passion Pit
Album to buy: Gossamer
Song to listen to: Carried Away, Cry like a Ghost
Their sound: Upbeat pop, synth-y sort of sound but really a fun band. With some meaningful lyrics though, not just fluffy pop they are a fantastic band I'm in love with. Such a great band which you can just put one song on and love it but are worth the effort of listening to the album back to back.

Band: Friendly Fires
Album to buy: Friendly Fires
Song to listen to: Kiss of Life, Hawaiian Air
Their sound: Honestly just watch the kiss of life music video or watch a few of their live shows and try not to fall in love with the lead singer, Ed Macfarlane's dancing. Other than that they have a really great summery sound, the kind of thing you can't help but dance or sing to. Feel good music.

Band: Vampire Weekend
Album to buy: Contra
Song to listen to: Diane Young, White Sky
Their sound: An indie band but with a unique sound, fresh sort of percussion feel, generally quite light but with catchy hooks you'll sing for days. Especially Diane Young you'll rarely find me not singing it.

Give them a try,