1 Sep 2011

Home sweet home!

I got back from Amsterdam earlier today and as usual it's nice to be back in good old England! 

As I said earlier I would post about what I bought when I went shopping so here you go. (I actually kept my promise about a post for once!)

I got a black rubber bracelet in a lace-ish pattern which I am in love with! I doubt I will take it off anytime soon! I also got just a plain friendship bracelet type thing, now I have a bracelet like that from about 5 different countries!
I also got a small ring which has strawberries around it, random I know! If you saw it, it would probably sound less ugly!

And of course, because I can't go out without buying a pair, I got 2 pairs of sunglasses!! One with the Burberry type of pattern all over them, and another pair which were just plain black apart from the sides had leopard print on them.

Farewell! Have a good day! <3

Em x

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