30 Jan 2011

Everyday Make-up

This is my routine for the make up I wear every day without fail! (the purple writing is tips or how I do it for each stage)
Firstly even if i'm not doing anything else i will wear concealer, at least under my eyes. I use Benefit, Confessions of a concealaholic (I've done a review on it below)
Pat in your concealer rather than rubbing it in.
Next I put on my whole face primer, which is from The Body Shop. This primer is just like the Lancome one, which I believe is about £25 and the body shop one is the same volume, and £10! If that's not a bargain I don't know what is!
I put a pea sized amount onto my finger rub it between my hands and spread all over my face, focus it on the dry points on your face.
Next is foundation, which is also from The Body Shop, I have more dry skin than oily, and so this foundation is quite moisturising and slightly oily, so I wouldn't reccomend it for anyone with oily skin, but for anyone else it's great!
I put this on in different ways depending on how much time I have and how I feel. One way is like the primer I put a spot on my finger and rub it in with my fingers, or I will put some on the back of my hand and use a brush to pick some up from my hand and brush it onto my face.
I set my foundation with just a plain powder, from any brand, I'm not too fussy at this stage, just find what works with you!
And finally mascara, this is one of the things which I always put on because it's quick and easy, and still makes a big difference to your look! Recently I've been using L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes (£11.29) But I just bought today L'oreal Paris telescopic (£11.29) Which I've only used once but can tell I'm going to love it!
Get a business card or something similar, and place it on your upper lash line and pull upwards, so that your eyelashes are against the card, Then put your mascara on like that, it separates your lashes and means you have something to press the mascara against to stop it clumping. 
The picture inserted is of all the products mentioned in this post! Wow this is a long post today, I'll make it short and sweet next time! Em x

24 Jan 2011

INSPIRED- The Black Swan

This is the first in my new INSPIRED series, and the first thing that I believe could be adapted in so many ways involving art is The Black Swan the new movie staring Natalie Portman (mother to be! congratulations x) Here is some of the ways this movie and the themes of this film could be adapted into art and fashion...
This theme of dance, elegance and animals could be used in a number of portraits or sculptures, maybe a dark misty dancer in oil paints? You never know, let your mind go wild!
Just imagine a catwalk dimly lit, with ballerinas at the side dressed in white or pink and then a beautiful model walks down the centre of the catwalk in an incredible black lace and silk dress (Zuhair Murad style!)
It would be easy to adapt a movie like this into a book, or a short story. Or maybe for a magazine or blog post you could talk about dance or make up inspired by this movie. (I might just do that!)

So let your creative instincts be set alight by this film! Whether your an artist, a designer, a writer, or any one who just likes anything creative, see if you can adapt these themes of dark, elegance and dance into your interest!
Em x


I am going to start doing posts, every so often about something which is quite inspiring or I think could work well in different aspects of art. This is will make more sense once I have done the first post! 
Em x

16 Jan 2011

Get him to Number 1!

This is someone i knows song that he wrote and recorded, and he has posted it onto the soundclick charts, where he is number 15, but he wants number 1!! You can't click on the link more than once per day because they only count the vote once. Just have a look!
Em x


14 Jan 2011

So Smooth!!

I don't think i've mentioned it before on here, but i have train track braces, and today i got the off!!! Finally! It is ridiculous how smooth your teeth feel after 18 months of having metal attached to them! I could not stop smiling at school today, its so nice to do a massive cheesy grin without metal showing! Can't wait to rock a bright coloured lippy to make those pearly whites pop!
Em x
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13 Jan 2011


So in good old England, well where i live anyway, it always rains! So especially after getting the vogue summer/spring fashion guide, i can't wait for summer! Em x

12 Jan 2011

On the way to school now, hope you all have a good day! I'll be
posting properly later
Em x
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9 Jan 2011

Confessions of a Concealaholic

Benefit, the make up range a while ago launched a kit called confessions of a concealaholic. Inside it there are 2 concealers, one under eye concealer, a pinkish-sparkly primer, a yellow cream for your eyelids and a eye brightener for the corners of your eyes. I got it for Christmas! and my verdict on this product is, that I LOVE it! It has every type of concealer or anything to make your face look awake! It's one of those things which you use in the morning, then throw into your bag or if you don't have time in the morning, it comes with two double ended brushes and a mirror so you can do it on the go! I would recommend it to anyone! If you aren't really sure what to use all the things in this kit for as there are a lot of things in it, it comes with a little booklet that has a page on how to use every product! A great item for any make up lovers, or if your just starting your make up collect this has all the essentials!
Em x
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7 Jan 2011

Books w. Em

My mind literally is always thinking, even when I went on holiday and went to a spa I was still thinking all the time, and the only thing that I can do that makes me not think about anything at all is reading. I really will get lost in a book. For Christmas I got some new books, and I've had a few waiting to be read for a while, and so I just finished reading Boys Don't Cry by Malorie Blackman one of my favourite authors! And it was brilliant! It's impressive that as a female author she can write a book from the point of view of two boys. Also a book that I recommend to any woman out there, is Classy by Derek Blasberg, it's like a guide about being a classy woman, and it has tips and opinions all from hosting a party to dressing for the airport, those kind of things that really come in handy! Picture is of a page from the book. Em x

5 Jan 2011


Rarely will I say that a building is beautiful, but this is spectacular! It's in New York and you guys already know about my obsession with that place so that was just the cherry on the icing on the cake! It's The Plaza in New York. It is famous for holding weddings and I now know why! Just look for yourself! This kind of beauty doesn't come cheap, so if some day I can afford to have an event there, that would be something to blog about!!! 
Em x

3 Jan 2011

#5 Make up on your top? I know its PANTS!

     Honestly how many times have you done your make up, lip gloss, lipstick and foundation and then realise you have to put a top on over your head? Come on girls, own up! So what you do is put a pair of pants on your head and then put your top over your head, and rather than your make up going onto your top you just need to make sure no one see’s you with pants on your head!