28 Feb 2011

Fashion Don't!

I'm pretty open minded when it comes to fashion. I'm not the biggest fan of certain trends like leopard print and fur (fake and real) but even them i think can look good on the right person. With the right styling.
But one trend that i have never understood, and indeed will never wear! is Velvet.
Please people don't do it! The look, the feel, no matter what colour and what form it comes in i really just don't like it. Sometimes it can be tolerable!
For example this girl i know wore a red skin tight velvet dress, that cut of just above the knee. I might go as far to say it looked....nice. But the main thing that made it look ok was that the girl is really pretty!

If i see a lovely clothing item made of velvet, i will admit it, and i will take all this back! But so far no luck!

Em x

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