30 Nov 2011

Face Routine

So FINALLY after years of trying i have actually gotten into the habit of cleaning my face! All my life I've used just regular face wash but it's really started to irritate my skin. When i finish washing my skin it will go red and really hot. So i tried the face wash from the brand, simple. It's targeted at sensitive skin and one of my friends said it was really good. She wasn't lying! It really is great. Especially for sensitive skin, becoming warm and hot after washing my face has completely stopped and my spots have gone down a lot. I've now purchased more of the simple line. I would reccomend it to anyone!
Em x

29 Nov 2011

Picture post #5

I absolutely ADORE this dress! I think it is stunning. It is by Zuhair Murad, my favorite designer. If only i could afford them! I think grey is a very underrated colour. Its beautiful.
Em x

27 Nov 2011

Trying to be healthy!

I went to the gym earlier today as i am trying to be a little healthier than i have been recently! It was actually really fun, i went on my own and just focused really. It was nicer because the gym was practically empty so i didn't feel self conscious. It also means that now i'll get a good nights sleep because i'm so tired from it! Even if you're not looking to lose weight or tone up or any reason like that, doing exercise releases a chemical called endorphin's inside of you. Which make you feel better and give you energy!
Another tip on staying healthy is that, if you buy junk, you'll eat junk. But if you try and when you go shopping or tell whoever does the shopping for your household that you want them to just buy things good for you, then you have no choice but to eat well because there's nothing unhealthy to eat in the house!
Also, go shopping when you're full, or have just eaten. If you go when you're starving or craving something then all the food looks appealing and you're more likely to buy junk! If you go when you're full then you don't really feel like eating junk so you won't buy it. Honestly try it! it really helps.
Em x

Panda eyes!

I've just woken up with panda eyes after not taking off my load of eyeliner from yesterday! It's not pretty...
Em xx

26 Nov 2011


Only recently have I realized how important your eyebrows are to how you look! If your whole face is done up and lovely except your eyebrows. Then unless you are one of the lucky few that already have perfect eyebrows I think it can really ruin the look. I would advise you all to invest in a pair of good tweezers and some sort of colouring in eyebrow makeup. You can use a pencil, I personally prefer the cream ones which you apply with a brush. For example the Benefit eyebrow makeup is great!
Em x

22 Nov 2011

Walk it off!

One of the things I find really helps and I really enjoy doing when i'm in a bad mood is going for a walk or a jog. It doesn't matter what the weather, if its cold, wear a jumper! I've always liked the rain but if you don't like it then fair enough if you skip out on going running in the pouring rain! I just think even if you don't feel like it. Most of the time you will feel better if you go for a walk outside. As they say, the fresh air will do you good!
Em x

20 Nov 2011


Recently I have had lots of work to do for school, but it is for media and textiles. My two favorite lessons so I really don't mind! I love it when you get to that stage of stress where it is just enough to make you work hard and not get bored, but not too much that you get down about it.
I'll regret saying this if in a week or so i'm ridiculously stressed out! haha oh well.
Em x

Try something new...well not too new

If you want a change in your hairstyle but you don’t want to dye it or cut it drastically just change your parting. From a middle to a side or from a side to the other side, anything like that, it will give you the change you were looking for but if you don’t like it you can just switch it back.

19 Nov 2011

Picture post #4

I love make up like this, really creative different looks. I wish they were worn out everyday more!! Em x

17 Nov 2011

The smell of childhood!

A while ago I got a body butter, not particularly because it was good but because it was the BEST smell ever! It says it is coconut, but it is that smell of sun lotion in the summer, at primary school when everyone would come in completely covered in it as their parents has put it on them that morning. This body butter just to me is childhood in a tub! I love it. It is Boots extracts, body butter in coconut. This is what it looks like-

Em x

15 Nov 2011

Picture post #3

Firstly I absolutely love Emma Watson, I think she's beautiful and was amazing in Harry Potter. This is from a vogue photo shoot she did I believe and I love her hair and make up. I want the dress!! So yeah. This is my picture post #3!

14 Nov 2011

What is happening to the world?!

This may seem like a bit of an over dramatic blog post but it's something that has really been bugging me recently and I think people should really be more aware of it.
So many people in this modern world are just plain MEAN to each other! With internet and social networking now it is so easy to be anonymous and it feels like it isn't a real person the other end of the computer people feel it's okay to post nasty hateful comments on there you tube video or Facebook or whatever.
People are also starting to use the term 'fat' very loosely when the person they are describing is in no way shape or form 'fat'! How is it that anyone above size 10 is considered fat when 16 is actually the average woman's size (in England). If someone gains a slight amount of weight or for one day of there life is not wearing make up they have 'let themselves go'.
I really do think in this world the amount of just pure HATE and ANGER is growing and growing and the amount of just being plain NICE has completely disappeared?!
I have met a significant amount of people in my life time and i can think of 2 that are genuinely nice people!
So if by any chance reading this you agree with me, the next time you think or say something mean just think twice about how the other person might feel.
This post is not me telling you to sort yourself out and pretending i'm perfect. I can be a complete bitch like everyone can. But today i'm going to stop. I'm going to really try just to be a better person and i hope you do too.
I'm sorry for the ramble but this is an issue that has been bugging me for a while now!

I love you
Em x

A Guide to Eyeliner

There are many different type's on eyeliner so i thought i'd go through them and talk about which i use for what.

1) Liquid Liner
This is probably the hardest to use and apply but if you are already good at applying your eyeliner this does give a very elegant sleek look. Especially good for winged eyeliner! I wouldn't advice using it for your water line as it doesn't stay very well. If it's the only eyeliner you have and you wan't to use it on your water line then I would use a eye shadow the same colour as your eyeliner on top to set it.
2) Pencil/Kohl liner
This is the basic eyeliner. It can be used for your lash line, water line of your upper water line. It is a staple item that everyone must have but i prefer having a white pencil liner, for my water line and inner corner, to make my eyes look bigger and more awake! I personally use gel eyeliner in my water line (which i'll talk about in a minute) but pencil eyeliners work very well as well. I tend to have all my different coloured eyeliners in pencil form. For example brown, blue and white.
3) Gel Eyeliner
These 99% of the time come in a little pot so you will have to purchase your own brush to use it. Which on one hand is good because you get the type of brush you really want, but it does add more to the money you have to spend! Gel eyeliner is my personal favorite, because it gets the look of liquid but it's a lot easier to apply! It stays on very well and can but used on your water line. It used to only be brands like MAC that did gel eyeliner pots but a lot of drugstore brands are bringing them in now. Which is great for the price! I know Mabelline do a gel eyeliner and brush together for less than just the pot costs at MAC!

Hope I've helped you decide which eyeliner is best for you!
Em x

13 Nov 2011

Heels- In Time

Yesterday I went to see the new movie starring Justin Timberlake (a surprisingly good actor!) called In time and it inspired me to do a post about high heels, because in the movie the main girl runs in these 6 inch heels! Afterwards me and my friends were just talking about how we were amazing that she could run in them!!

My tips with heels-
Be reasonable, if you know you'll be walking a lot don't wear your highest most glamorous heels you own! If you don't want to go with flats, go for a pair of boots, or something with a thicker heel as they will be easier to walk in.
Match them to your outfit, when you're wearing a plain pair of flats it isn't as noticeable when they clash with your outfit. But if you're wearing diamond studded, sky scraper heels think about whether they go with your outfit first!
And last but not least not being a tall girl myself if you are already really tall without heels don't then wear massive ones when you know you're going to meet your friend who isn't very tall at all! It will make her look shorter and you look abnormally tall.

Em x

12 Nov 2011

Diamonds are a girls best friend...

I'm not so fussed about the massive rocks, but I have to say i absolutely LOVE rings! They are probably my favorite accessory just behind sunglasses <3
The bigger the ring the better! I just think it can really round of an outfit brilliantly and if you have your nails done with a colour that goes well with the ring it looks beautiful. Topshop (which i'm not sure if its in the US) have amazing rings and their jewelry at the moment is very punk-ish so i'm trying to not spend all my money on them!
I really don't think rings have to be as expensive as some of them are! Obviously there are hundred pounds and thousand pound rings out there but two of my favorites were about £3 and £30. Most of my rings cost me under £10.
Picture is of a set of 10 rings from Topshop which I want to buy so badly!
Em x

Picture post #2

I love these sunglasses, i love Kurt Cobain and his music. and I wish lived in any time between the 60's and the 90's. This is why i chose this photo today!
Em x

11 Nov 2011

Give it a splash!

At the moment I have been good to my skin and have been remembering to wash it every morning and night. Recently I have had more spots than I normally do which happens to every teenager! (except those annoying people who just NEVER get spots!) but when you have a spot one of the things you want to do the most is cover it up with make up! Well I know its hard to do, especially if you're going out a lot but try to not put make up on your spots, or if you do put on little, and make sure you wash it off as soon as you can. The best way to help your skin clear up is just be letting it breath! and piling on the concealer is just going to give you more spots!
So thus to conclude! As much as want to try not wear as much make up when your skins bad! It'll be worth it in the end.
Em x

Make your mascara stay!

I have been using this for a week or so now and it really works! So basically when you apply your mascara, on your top lashes use your favorite volumising mascara, then put a coat of a waterproof mascara on top of it, while it is still wet. Then use the water proof to do your bottom lashes if you want to as you don't need as much volume but the mascara comes off easier. Hope fully that makes sense!
It makes your mascara stay on for longer, be water proof but still have the thickness you get from a volumising mascara.
Hope i helped!
Em x

Picture post #1

 I have to admit i do like this post idea because it is quick and means i will actually be able to post often but fast as well! So basically I will post a picture of either a clothing item, a piece of art, a landscape anything! Of something that i love at the moment or has inspired me etc. So hope this is ok!

9 Nov 2011

Another 'i'm back' post

I really have to stop being so inconsistent with blog posts! Once i'm doing it and writing the post, i enjoy it so much, i'm just so bad at actually sitting down and writing when i haven't already had an idea of what to write about!
I hope you can forgive me :)
Em x

Bring me back to the 60's

I have been absolutely loving recently, the 60's style dress, the shape and style suits me and i think it looks lovely on anyone. I especially love this pink colour one! Imagine, with short hair curled, possibly a red lipstick, which,  honestly I hate red and pink together, but contrasting colours is very 'in vogue' at the moment so why not! winged eyeliner, and some Audrey Hepburn-Esq sunglasses! <3
Em x