7 May 2011

Mix it up!

I really wouldn't know how to describe my fashion sense, it changes every single day! I think in the last week I have worn a flowery dress, black skinny jeans and a Beatles t-shirt, a boho style brown and white dress and a polo shirt with jeans and boots. I love the fact that depending on how I feel I can change my style every day! So all of you reading this, i encourage you to try it! If you can easily label your fashion style right now. Pick the opposite look and rock that for a day, just add a little variety. Trust me its a lot more fun!

Em x

4 May 2011

Bright, bold and...awesome!

Many times, i have put on an outfit, with a lot of bright colours that i have then had to change, because it was a bit too 'out there' for the little town i live in. That's why i am in love with the new summer/spring trend of bright clashing colours! I am in no doubt, that i will soon be wearing bright tee's, pink lippy and my skinnies :) Come on fashionistas join me and whip out your bright tops!

Zara has a great summer collection of really colourful clothes, i got a top from their when i was in Germany a month or so ago, so have a browse!
(this is the UK Zara website, but you can find the one for your country just by googling Zara)
Em x

3 May 2011

THE WOMBATS- This Modern Glitch, New album review (9/10)

As a pretty much die hard wombats fan already, after their last album 'A guide to love, loss and desperation' I knew I was never going to dislike this new one, I do love it and have had it for about a week and already know all the words to the songs, but despite that, i have to say even with this being a 9/10, i still would say the old album was a 10.

Favorite song from album- Really hard to choose this one but after some debating between, anit-d, techno fan and the one i've finally decided on. i'd have to choose Jump Into the Fog.

Favorite lyric from album-
'East Londons not a bomb site, its a treasure chest. we use our penguin costumes more than our evening dress'. From Techno Fan.

Em x

ps. i know this is quite different to my usual posts but i've been loving music at the moment especially this album, so i thought i would share it with you!! :D x