31 Aug 2011

I fell in love...

The title may be a little over dramatic for what this post is about, but i absolutely LOVE this jacket that i tried on a week or so ago in river island. It reminds me of a 80's punk rock girl. I'm really liking that kind of style at the moment, so i am slightly in love with this jacket!

Better start saving up now!

Em xx

I'm in Amsterdam!

So as you could of probably worked out yourself by reading the title, I am currently in Amsterdam! I'm never that sure what clothes to pack when i go on holiday, because i always think maybe the fashion is different there etc. So i just packed nice t-shirts and nice jeans, and one pair of brown boots. oh and of course my sunglasses!

But now that i'm here I've noticed everyone cycles everywhere, but still looking very chic. I feel like it would be perfectly normal to wear an awesome, dramatic outfit down the street with high heeled boots!

So... my point is, if you come to Amsterdam or for future reference for myself, wear what you want! You don't need to tone it down!

Em x

15 Aug 2011

What i'm wearing today (Mon 15th Aug)

Knee length purple jeans from River Island (I got them quite a while ago so i don't know if they have them anymore) Horizontal striped t-shirt from Marks and Spencer and plum lipstick from Barry M (colour 152) Then i will probably just wear plain brown flip flops.

I like my outfit today, it's not that summery, sort of starting to go into autumn!

I'll post later, Have a good day!

Em x

14 Aug 2011

Current obsession!

At the moment i seem to be slightly really obsessed with my nails!
I just love either having nail varnish on or just having them really nicely shaped and just generally well kept! The one thing that i've really been wanting to try is newspaper nails! They just look really cool, if i get a chance to do them i will post how it went but heres a link to a website that tells you how to do them.

Em x

what am i like?!

I went through a phase of posting really often then i stopped again! Sorry! I'll try and get back into the habit of posting, i'm on holiday from school as well so i should be able to!
I will post soon, i promise!

Em x

6 Aug 2011

What i'm wearing...tomorrow! Sun 7th Aug

I'm wearing a stripey wide necked t-shirt with mid length sleeves from m&s with....yes wait for it.... DUNGAREES!! I have to say i do love dungarees! They are like a skirt pair as well, so rather than the bottom half being shorts its a skirt!

Its one of those evening where i am looking forward to tomorrow, just to get dressed!

Em x

5 Aug 2011

Clothes, song and beauty product of the day #1

Clothes- Pjamas, you have to love them come on! they're just so darn comfortable!!

Song- The Strokes- Hard to Explain. I just put the strokes on my iPod and pressed shuffle and this came up. I do love this song! Well to be honest I love any of the Strokes songs!

Beauty Product- Moisturizer, For some reason recently I've gotten into the pattern and habit of moisturizing loads! 

Em x

4 Aug 2011

What i wore today... Thu 4th Aug

Light blue denim jeans with a Beatles mans t-shirt tucked in (who cares if its a guys top i like it!) and black braces that i got from H+M and love! Even though it was raining i wore flip flops and 60's, John Lennon style sunglasses!

Em x

3 Aug 2011

A 'smart' idea...

Earlier i was just randomly thinking about different clothes and fashion trends and stuff, and I have to say I really want to wear a tie! Not with a shirt (too formal), not with a high neck t-shirt because firstly it looks bad, and secondly they don't suit me. But like a black tie tucked into a white tank top with a high waisted skirt or pair of shorts.
Is this my tiredness speaking or could this actually look good...hmmm...

Em x

The sweet smell of childhood!

Is it only me who loves the smell of sun lotion?! It just reminds me of being a child in the summer, when you go to school and everyone is completely covered in the stuff!!

I just had this random thought and thought i'd share it with you!

I guess i should probably make this post a little more beauty related!


Sun lotion is great for your skin, it really is bad for you to be sitting outside in the sun for a long time, no matter how lovely your tan is!
I have my body sun lotion but my everyday moisturizer is SPF 15 i think as well, its from the dermatological clean start range, which is specifically for teenagers. It really is a great range especially the spot cream!

Yeah..i guess that's all i have to say! have a great evening or day, or whatever time it is where you live!!

Em x

I want it!

My recent fashion love but something I've never really liked that much in the past is...

Leather trousers!
I saw a pair the other day in Miss Selfridge, and i thought you know what, they could look awesome! If you like the real rocker look they are great, but i actually think they could look really great with a girly flowery top. The contrast looks lovely...
So i was going to buy them but two things stopped me!

1) They were £45, as a teenager i do not have that kind of money to spend on trousers!
2) This pair that i wanted, couldn't be washed! They could be wiped down but not washed, which is stupid for a pair of trousers as (especially leather ones!) you can going to get sweaty in them!

I ended up not buying them, but that doesn't mean i don't love them any less! i'm just going to look somewhere else for some cheaper, washable ones!

(the picture is of the actual pair i tried on)

Em x

Colours for your Eye Colour

When it comes to eye shadows and clothes, there are certain colours that really make your eye colour pop! So here are some tips to make your eye colour really stand out!

1) Don't wear the same colour as your eyes
2)If you have brown eyes- Greens, golds, blues, purples.
3) if you have green eyes- Similar to Brown eyes, Violet and plum shades are great!
4) If you have blue eyes- rich browns, Silvers, golds, greys
4) If you have hazel eyes- Pinks and pale purples look lovely!

I hope I've helped!!

Remember to comment below if you have any requests for posts!

Em x

2 Aug 2011


This post was suggested to me by a friend, so you'll have to thank her if you like this one hehe!

The main thing i love about summer is indeed a good old picnic! I had one today which was really fun! There is nothing better than friends, food and sun!
So to make this post more beauty/health/fashion-y i guess i thought i'd give you some ideas of how to make a picnic more interesting!!

1) make the food themed. Eg. Healthy food or food you remember from your childhood.
2) Make the clothes themed! Everyone has to wear something they wouldn't normally wear, or inspired by something!
3) Make it a planning picnic, picnics are quite casual events, and I honestly love planning stuff, i don't know why i just do! So make the picnic a meeting for your friends to plan a trip to the beach or even planning your lives if you want something a little more serious!

Go and invite a couple of your friends and no matter how old you are go for a picnic, you'll love it!

Em x

Anything goes

I'm the kind of person who every single day wears a different 'style' of clothing. Sometimes it's rocker, sometimes boho, sometimes just plain random and awesome!
So I encourage everyone to when you wake up tomorrow or the next time you get dressed, wear something you wouldn't normally wear or try a different style, I do it everyday and trust me, It's fun!!

Em x

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse's death the other day really was a surprise to me, i found out about it on Facebook that evening, and i really was shocked. She was only 27. The same age as Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin when they died.
As she did die from a drug overdose some people are less sympathetic towards her.
No matter how someone dies, when you are 27 and have so much talent it is a truly sad loss to the world.
I bought the recent edition of NME that was about her, and i love the cover. Its simple and elegant, it didn't need anything else on it.

Em x

My one true love...

I'm not even slightly ashamed to admit that i am genuinely in love with and addicted to sunglasses!

They are without a doubt my favorite accessory! Everyone should have a pair...or 10

Em x

Summer Style

Where I am in the big wide world it is boiling at the moment! I am just about to leave to go for a picnic but thought i'd quickly tell you what i'm wearing first!

I'm wearing a green tank top tucked into a brown and white skirt which has been pulled up to make an empire waist, The empire waist (which really suits me more than other waists!) is accentuation by a brown belt, flip flops and of course! Sunglasses!!

Have a great day!!

Em x

1 Aug 2011

Prom- it's all about the dress!

So the prom season is upon us! Or Home coming if you're from America, and so it is time for all the girls to buy their dresses! So here is my Prom fashion and beauty guide!
1) Go for a more evening dinner style than fairy princess, there is nothing worse in a prom dress than fluffy pink sequins and sparkles!
2) It is very easy to want to do everything you can possibly do! Make up, hair, jewelry, bag, dress! The normal rules of less is more still apply! If you're going for a necklace don't wear earrings, if you have a sparkly dress most likely you don't even need much jewelry at all!
3) similar to tip 2, less is more with the makeup as well! If you do want to do something fancier than your usual make up either tone up the lips OR the eyes! Not both!
4) Wear heels but try and find some that aren't absolutely going to murder your feet! If you really love them and you have to put up with them, try putting some Vaseline on the bits that rub on your shoe or get some blister plasters, It is really going to ruin your evening if you can't stand up!
5) Make sure you are wearing the dress, the dress isn't wearing you!

After those tips i thought i'd say what i would wear prom...

If money was no option something from Zuhair Murad, I feel like even prom isn't good enough for those dresses though! they are beautiful <3 So something simple, preferably grey or some sort of elegant colour, not a bright pink or green. (the picture is of the kind of dress i'd like to wear, then dress it up a little with a bold lip.
Good, flawless base makeup, so foundation concealer etc. Then either dramatic eye shadow and a nude lip or not really any eye shadow or a nude colour, then a bold red or pink lip! (or orange is a favorite of mine at the moment! Try the Barry M orange lip gloss its great and smells of peaches!) Personally I would go for a nude lip gloss, and a 60's winged eyeliner.
If i was wearing the dress i have put a picture of, I would wear a couple of multi coloured bangles just to add some colour to the outfit, as i haven't done coloured make up.
Pale skin coloured pink shoes, or some simple black heels, something thrown together, effortlessly sexy. For the bag, go for a small one because you won't want to be carrying a massive bag around with you, trying to dance. A clutch is small enough and ideal, but see if you can get a clutch that has a little wrist band thing attached to it, so you can have it around your wrist rather than trying to keep hold of it.
Your natural hair is the hair that normally suits you most, so don't do anything too different. I would go for wavy beachy curls, as i have short brown bob cut hair. If you are going to do your hair up, do it slightly loosely or a bit tousled so its doesn't look too 'perfect'.

So i think that's it for my Prom guide, just remember, its Prom HAVE FUN!!

Em x


I love music as much as or possibly more than i love fashion, and recently i've been reading NME and Q and those kind of magazines, and NME comes out about every week! So i feel like i've been reading them more than Vogue (which i'm subscribed to) and i feel like i'm enjoying them more...

But my Vogue arrived in the post today and i sat down with my dinner at the table and read the whole thing, every single page. I had almost forgotten how much i love it. After reading it i just want to put together a great outfit, or make something, just do anything creative really!

Its nice to have my passion for fashion back, (that sounds so cheesy!)

Em x