30 Jan 2011

Everyday Make-up

This is my routine for the make up I wear every day without fail! (the purple writing is tips or how I do it for each stage)
Firstly even if i'm not doing anything else i will wear concealer, at least under my eyes. I use Benefit, Confessions of a concealaholic (I've done a review on it below)
Pat in your concealer rather than rubbing it in.
Next I put on my whole face primer, which is from The Body Shop. This primer is just like the Lancome one, which I believe is about £25 and the body shop one is the same volume, and £10! If that's not a bargain I don't know what is!
I put a pea sized amount onto my finger rub it between my hands and spread all over my face, focus it on the dry points on your face.
Next is foundation, which is also from The Body Shop, I have more dry skin than oily, and so this foundation is quite moisturising and slightly oily, so I wouldn't reccomend it for anyone with oily skin, but for anyone else it's great!
I put this on in different ways depending on how much time I have and how I feel. One way is like the primer I put a spot on my finger and rub it in with my fingers, or I will put some on the back of my hand and use a brush to pick some up from my hand and brush it onto my face.
I set my foundation with just a plain powder, from any brand, I'm not too fussy at this stage, just find what works with you!
And finally mascara, this is one of the things which I always put on because it's quick and easy, and still makes a big difference to your look! Recently I've been using L'oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes (£11.29) But I just bought today L'oreal Paris telescopic (£11.29) Which I've only used once but can tell I'm going to love it!
Get a business card or something similar, and place it on your upper lash line and pull upwards, so that your eyelashes are against the card, Then put your mascara on like that, it separates your lashes and means you have something to press the mascara against to stop it clumping. 
The picture inserted is of all the products mentioned in this post! Wow this is a long post today, I'll make it short and sweet next time! Em x

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