1 Sep 2011

My favorite designer.

So as i'm sure you can guess by the title! This post is going to be about my favorite designer, the wonderful..

Zuhair Murad
He does mainly evening dresses and very elegant extravagant clothes. And they are all stunning! Cheryl Cole wears a lot of his dresses, and despite not being a big fan of hers, i have to admit she wears some beautiful dresses! Blake Lively (Serena from Gossip Girl) wears my favorite one of his dresses in an episode of GG. (picture on right)
In his autumn 2010/2011 collection i think is was (as i said in another post, my internet's not very good so i can't check, but i think it was that one) He used a lot of lace and grey silk, and with my strong feelings about grey being a underrated colour, i think they are all beautiful!

Whenever anyone asks me what would i buy if i won the lottery, one of things i always say is a Zuhair Murad dress! We can all dream can't we!?

Em x

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