15 Dec 2011

10 Days til Christmas!

I'm going to attempt, sorry if i don't, (i get busy ok?!) to do a blog post every day until Christmas. You might not want a blog post everyday, but i'm going to do it for my own self-need to stick to something. I'm not a creature of habit :)
When i say 'you' in blog posts, i actually have no idea if anyone is reading this. If people just come to this website by accident and leave straight away afterwards or if i actually have some people enjoying reading my posts?
If you are reading this currently, excluding my friends and family, leave a comment below please! Would be nice to know if anyone actually reads this rubbish i call my blog!
Haha, so that's day 1 done.
Merry Christmas!
Em x

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  1. P.S. i forgot to mention in post, you don't need an account to comment :D x