3 Aug 2011

I want it!

My recent fashion love but something I've never really liked that much in the past is...

Leather trousers!
I saw a pair the other day in Miss Selfridge, and i thought you know what, they could look awesome! If you like the real rocker look they are great, but i actually think they could look really great with a girly flowery top. The contrast looks lovely...
So i was going to buy them but two things stopped me!

1) They were £45, as a teenager i do not have that kind of money to spend on trousers!
2) This pair that i wanted, couldn't be washed! They could be wiped down but not washed, which is stupid for a pair of trousers as (especially leather ones!) you can going to get sweaty in them!

I ended up not buying them, but that doesn't mean i don't love them any less! i'm just going to look somewhere else for some cheaper, washable ones!

(the picture is of the actual pair i tried on)

Em x

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