16 Mar 2011

Money makes the world go round...

One of the questions often asked, is can money buy happiness?...

Well with my recently purchased Converse and high waisted jeans, i would say yes, yes it can!
Love is one of the most important emotions, I couldn't live without it but in the modern world we live in, money really is a key factor. My mum bought me Converse and high waisted jeans tonight, and i'm not ashamed to say i will sleep well tonight, with a smile on my face! Maybe i'm bias, with my undying love for fashion, i am of course going to be happier when i buy clothes or shoes but can anyone honestly say that they wouldn't be pretty happy with a size able amount of money!? 

Em x

10 Mar 2011

Non school Uniform days

If you're not from England or you go to a particular school you may
not have a school uniform (lucky!), but I do and it really doesn't
suit anyone! We were told yesterday that we have a non school uniform
day soon (we have them every so often for charity etc) and so everyone
gets excited for the chance to show people that you actually look
good! Just not in uniform. This calls for a shopping trip!!

Em x

Sent from my iPod

Sent from my iPod

6 Mar 2011

A Good Song Makes the World Go Round.

This weekend I have been very Musical. Two of my friends stayed over last night. And we just kept on playing music all night. I don't know why I love music so much. It's one of those things I cannot explain. Just the feeling when you find a song that you feel like is talking about you. It can make you cry, laugh, have hope and give up.

I bought another CD yesterday, Julian Casablancas- Phrazes for the Young, and I am realizing how much I miss just buying a CD, rather than downloading/ buying it off iTunes or another site. It just seems so much nicer to have the real thing in front of you.

What thing do you miss?
Comment below, you don't need a blogger account to comment.

Em x