13 Sep 2011

What a dilemma?!

As someone who is (attempting) to play the guitar but also as someone who loves their nails i now have the dilemma that i need to cut my nails really short to play guitar, dun...dun...DUUUNNN.
I am going to cut them really short because playing the guitar is something i have always wanted to do i just thought i would put a couple of tips for if you want to make your nails look longer etc
1) make sure you keep your nails healthy, then if you have an event or something in a couple of days and you want your nails long for it, they are healthy and will grow quickly.
2) Do a french manicure with a fine white tip. You don't want the white tip to be really thick or it will take up half of your nail already! But if you make it fine it makes it look like you actually still have the white tip, rather than your nails being too short!
3) Keep your nails painted, similar to tip 2 it just covers up the fact that you don't have the white tip because that is one of the main things that shows you have really short nails.

If all else fails just wear an awesome bracelet and no one will even care about your nails!!

Em x

Fancy Dress

One of the main reasons i love Halloween is because it's fancy dress and basically any party i'll have I will try and make it fancy dress! I don't know why i love it so much i just do, i think its the creativity and artiness mixed in with fashion, it's brilliant!
My friends birthday party is coming up and she's having a circus theme, which i think will be great! She's going as the ring master which makes sense as it is her party! So i need to decide on my costume. It's actually quite hard to think of things to do with the circus which will still look nice, I'm thinking a lion tamer and have a stuffed animal lion with me, or lion tamer and my friend whose also going can go as the lion!
This is going to take some thinking about...

Em x

7 Sep 2011

Back to school!

It was my first day back at school today, and I really was not looking forward to it! It's not that I don't particularly like school. I just love the holidays! It really wasn't that bad after all. I'm not exactly now in love with my school, and I definately wouldn't say no to another holiday, but I feel a lot more focused on work this year. I just feel like I have a better work ethic so hopefully i'll pass my gcse's and then i'll be in sixth form, where you don't have a uniform! I cannot wait!!

Em x

1 Sep 2011

Home sweet home!

I got back from Amsterdam earlier today and as usual it's nice to be back in good old England! 

As I said earlier I would post about what I bought when I went shopping so here you go. (I actually kept my promise about a post for once!)

I got a black rubber bracelet in a lace-ish pattern which I am in love with! I doubt I will take it off anytime soon! I also got just a plain friendship bracelet type thing, now I have a bracelet like that from about 5 different countries!
I also got a small ring which has strawberries around it, random I know! If you saw it, it would probably sound less ugly!

And of course, because I can't go out without buying a pair, I got 2 pairs of sunglasses!! One with the Burberry type of pattern all over them, and another pair which were just plain black apart from the sides had leopard print on them.

Farewell! Have a good day! <3

Em x

Hit the shops!

I'm just about to go out shopping in Amsterdam with my Nan, I wonder what interesting pieces of fashion i can find today!

I will post later if not too tired!

Em x

My favorite designer.

So as i'm sure you can guess by the title! This post is going to be about my favorite designer, the wonderful..

Zuhair Murad
He does mainly evening dresses and very elegant extravagant clothes. And they are all stunning! Cheryl Cole wears a lot of his dresses, and despite not being a big fan of hers, i have to admit she wears some beautiful dresses! Blake Lively (Serena from Gossip Girl) wears my favorite one of his dresses in an episode of GG. (picture on right)
In his autumn 2010/2011 collection i think is was (as i said in another post, my internet's not very good so i can't check, but i think it was that one) He used a lot of lace and grey silk, and with my strong feelings about grey being a underrated colour, i think they are all beautiful!

Whenever anyone asks me what would i buy if i won the lottery, one of things i always say is a Zuhair Murad dress! We can all dream can't we!?

Em x

iPod Disaster!

I used the word disaster in the title, because I can't think of a more fitting word, but it wasn't exactly a life or death problem, just really, really, really annoying.

The one thing I love and always take with me when i go out, more so than my phone, is my iPod.
The other day when we were getting ready to leave for Amsterdam I had deleted a playlist off my iPod, but I thought when I synced it with Itunes, it would go back on their rather than deleting the one off Itunes! That was the playlist that i had all my music on my iPod on, and now it is gone! So basically I have about half the amount of music I should have on my iPod. Including a significant amount of my favorite songs!

Ahh well, I shall have an Ituning session when i get home and try and remember what I used to have on my iPod and put it back on there!

Wish me luck!

Em x

P.S. this picture has no real reference to this story what so ever, but i like it.

A few things about me!

1) my favorite colour is either purple or grey (I think grey's a really underrated colour!)
2) My favorite make up brand is MAC but it's really expensive so other than that, Barry M (especially the lip glosses, they smell really good!)
3) My favorite magazines are NME and Vogue
4) I have an older brother.
5) I don't like Nirvana very much but i find Kurt Cobain really fascinating and i have the book with all his journals in it
6) I was practically hysterical after seeing the last Harry Potter film
7) My favorite fashion 'style' is Rocker, even though I don't dress that rocker-ish very often.

well this has been an extremely random post, but i thought, WHY NOT?!

Em x


As the internet connection in Amsterdam isn't very good, the only website that really works is this. So guess what? I'm gonna keep on blogging! I go back to England later today, so this blogging isn't going to last that long, but still, for the next half an hour i shall blog til my hearts content.

Em x