13 Sep 2011

What a dilemma?!

As someone who is (attempting) to play the guitar but also as someone who loves their nails i now have the dilemma that i need to cut my nails really short to play guitar, dun...dun...DUUUNNN.
I am going to cut them really short because playing the guitar is something i have always wanted to do i just thought i would put a couple of tips for if you want to make your nails look longer etc
1) make sure you keep your nails healthy, then if you have an event or something in a couple of days and you want your nails long for it, they are healthy and will grow quickly.
2) Do a french manicure with a fine white tip. You don't want the white tip to be really thick or it will take up half of your nail already! But if you make it fine it makes it look like you actually still have the white tip, rather than your nails being too short!
3) Keep your nails painted, similar to tip 2 it just covers up the fact that you don't have the white tip because that is one of the main things that shows you have really short nails.

If all else fails just wear an awesome bracelet and no one will even care about your nails!!

Em x

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