11 Jul 2011

Celebrity Challenge #1 Hayley Williams

On Saturday i did my first celebrity challenge outfit, inspired by the wondeful Hayley Williams (lead singer of Paramore)

I've always loved her style, its unique, quirky and still effortlessly fashionable.

So I wore, Bright red skinny jeans (which i got the other day and adore!!)
Black and White converse (everyone should own a pair of all star converse!)
A plain white tank top
A black cardigan
and a blue peace sign necklace (I also just got, paired with my daisy chain headband i'm turning into a hippy, and i have to say. I rather like it)

Sorry i didn't upload a photo of me with this outfit, I'll try to next time, but i'm sure you get the idea <3

Em x

9 Jul 2011

I don't know what to call this post...

I will be posting later with my first celeb challenge!!
Em x

6 Jul 2011

Celebrity Challenge

The other day i had an idea of something to do. I told my friend and now we're doing it.

And now i'm blogging about it :)

Basically the idea is, I go out every weekend with my friends to go shopping or cinema or watevvverr. So to make getting dressed for the day more interesting and fun. Each weekend we each choose a celebrity and dress inspired by their style. Cool eh?

So this weekend I think i'm going to go for Alexa Chung, i love her fashion sense. So i will post a picture or description of what i wore this weekend :) Its double-y (i know that's not a word...) good because you can also see how to get their style for half the price! 

Em xx

Hi Again.

Once upon a time in a land far far away, i actually updated this blog!!

Sorry for anyone who actually reads these random thoughts i share with the internet but with exams and everything else...i guess i just haven't got round to it :)

But i'm back!! Even writing this now i had forgotten how much i enjoy it! I already have a couple of ideas for posts, so expect some very soon.

Em x