7 Jan 2011

Books w. Em

My mind literally is always thinking, even when I went on holiday and went to a spa I was still thinking all the time, and the only thing that I can do that makes me not think about anything at all is reading. I really will get lost in a book. For Christmas I got some new books, and I've had a few waiting to be read for a while, and so I just finished reading Boys Don't Cry by Malorie Blackman one of my favourite authors! And it was brilliant! It's impressive that as a female author she can write a book from the point of view of two boys. Also a book that I recommend to any woman out there, is Classy by Derek Blasberg, it's like a guide about being a classy woman, and it has tips and opinions all from hosting a party to dressing for the airport, those kind of things that really come in handy! Picture is of a page from the book. Em x

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