23 Dec 2011

2 Days til Christmas!

I don't know whether it is because it hasn't been very cold where I am or if it's just me but I haven't felt christmassy at all! I'm sure I will when it actually gets to Christmas day, but it's been weird this year, i just haven't felt excited.
So because of that lack of excitement I haven't kept track off the days and i completely forgot that it is Christmas eve tomorrow!!

It's so strange how quickly 2011 has gone. The years are going by so quickly now a days i really feel like i need to make the most of each day more than i normally do.
So my new years resolution for next year is just to try and not waste any time. Obviously i am still going to have lazy days like today where i do nothing, because to be honest some days that's all i want to do. But in general i need to stop procrastinating and do productive things!

What's your new years resolution?
Em x

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