30 Nov 2012


I'm going to see this band on Thursday next week in Southampton I think and it's going to be so good, listen to this song, it's awesome. That is all I have to say today,


26 Nov 2012


I've always loved reading as long as I can remember but in the past couple of years I keep on dropping in and out of it, I will go through phases of not being able to put a book down and not being being able to pick one up in months.
At the moment i'm in the first mind frame. I've read the Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead series before and yet it is constantly amazing. I cannot get over how much I love these books. They manage to be really easy to read and an amazing story at the same time. Although on the downside it means I've literally done no work as i'm just reading all the time! Ah well, school never got people anywhere. Books did. 
It just blows my mind how all these amazing stories are formed with 26 letters. Crazy huh?

11 Nov 2012

If I did any less I think I might be dead.

This weekend has been an unbelievable waste of time, I mean I've wasted time before but this is on a whole other level. I have literally done nothing other than make a very good cup of coffee. I can honestly say that is all I have achieved  Yesterday I watched TV all day (specifically- The Paradise, which is really good, go watch it!) then I watched 5 years of engagement which is suitably mediocre. It's quite funny but not buy worthy, but if you can, rent it or something it's quite amusing. Then today, this post is probably the post productive thing I've done (except the cup of coffee of course).
So there we go, that's how my life's going at the moment. I don't have any homework. I have some extra work I should probably do but I can't do it before I find my memory stick. Then i'm going to watch the Breakfast Club later and go to bed.
Wow. Life changing events I know.
I really need to start doing things, ah well. Life goes on.
Love you,
I'm not even going to read this post back to check for spelling mistakes or anything as that would be borderline productive, and I don't know if I can handle that. 

10 Nov 2012


I had a big debate with my Dad the other day on tattoos so I feel like talking about them. He is anti them and I definitely want to get one. He was saying that 'yes but in 30 years it'll be an ugly purple smudge, that you'll probably regret' but my point is. Who cares if it looks bad? You don't get a tattoo because you think it'll look nice, you get one because of the meaning behind it. Also, if you never did anything in your life just because there is a slight possibility you might regret it in three decades time, you would never do anything worthwhile.
I know I would regret it if I didn't get a tattoo so I either don't get one and have guaranteed regret. Or I get one a possibly regret it in years to come?

8 Nov 2012

It's getting better

I'm actually enjoying school at the moment, I like the lessons and the horrible head of year is off for a couple of weeks so it's far more relaxing so i'm feeling better about things. Ooh just remembered I have to present something in a lesson tomorrow oh and everything became bad again! Haha oh well, being content never lasts that long anyway, I didn't even get to the end of this post without it all come tumbling down! Ah well, life goes on, things get better, blahdy blah whatever.

6 Nov 2012

Back to School

I go back to the hell hole that is sixth form tomorrow, to return to my continuous piles of essays and homework. It won't be so bad I get to see my friends but still. I just don't see the point, I hate a lot of the teaches who are pretty bad teachers anyway, one was off for about a month anyway so a lot of my day is just private study. Where I could just be doing the work at home, but oh well i'm still there at the crack of dawn. At least it's non-uniform now and we have lost our disgusting navy blazers. Who wears navy and black? Seriously?
Oh I just remember this article by Caitlin Moran I read the other day which was really funny, talking about a game you can play called shag order. I need to tell my friends about it tomorrow. Basically you pick a group of people, a cast, a band anything like that and put them in the order you would shag them. Her example was the Muppets which was very funny. I'm thinking more Avengers cast but each to their own.
Anyway i'm off to do more essay writing, fun. fun. fun.

2 Nov 2012

Hello again

So I pretty much have completely ignored this blog in so long, I apologize my friends! I would say I've been busy and try and make excuses but yeah i just haven't been bothered, and once I get out of the habit of doing something I just don't do it for ever.
But here I am, once again! Rejoining you, hopefully there is someone still listening, if not I guess i'll just ramble to myself, which I am quite happy to do. What I thought i'd do today is reccomend random stuff, I haven't really decided what yet but let's see how it goes...

A song:
Alt-J- Breezeblocks,
They are relatively new, just won the mercury prize and this song is awesome, I don't really know if they're going to 'stand the test of time' yet, but there first album is awesome so have a listen if you haven't already, and if you have already well fucking listen again!

A book:
I don't really know what to put for this, I think i'm going to go with the Kite Runner as it is amazing, but to be honest i love I heart New York, it is terribly written, not exactly a literary classic but I love it so whatever.

A drink:
I'm running out of ideas here...a drink...an iced caramel macchiato (however you spell it) from Starbucks. Why not.

A film:
Into the Wild. Case closed.

A random other thing of no use what so ever:
Buy some crayons. I did the other day, surprisingly handy.

Well that's all from me,