28 Sep 2010

'I'll have a double blended mocha frappucino, small, no cream'.....'please'.

So recently I have been experiencing the highs and lows of my personal Starbucks and caffeine addiction... it all started in food technology...
Last week or something around that time, our food tech teacher told us all that if we bring in our own tea bags, etc. we can use the kettles at the side of the room and make a drink at the beginning of the lesson. At this point in time I was still experiencing my caffeine high, and with my personal love for Starbucks I was abnormally pleased to be able to make a coffee in class. It was probably part of my sitting in Starbucks with my coffee and laptop writing for a fashion magazine fantasy, and so in food tech sure enough I made myself a coffee, but you must take into account i had a coffee the day before...and the day before...and the- well you get the idea. So I had my coffee did my work and for about 2 hours I was hyper. Then later on I started to get tired, and tired. then I had another coffee the next day and was even more tired afterwards (this would be the caffeine low part) so since that day (about 4 days ago) I have not had a coffee and if I have a Starbucks I have decaf. So to my fellow addicts I tell you there is hope!!

Oh and by the way if you don't know what Starbucks is you need to get out of the hole your living in and get yourself a frappucino!!

Em x

12 Sep 2010

School trip to Germany

I am going on a school trip next year for 5 days, we go to Auschwitz, the Berlin wall, the factory from schnidlers list etc. I love history in school, i find it very interesting and am really looking forward to this trip. My dad showed me this artical in a newspaper about Ausvitz and going there. I didn't know what to expect before but i think it will be a lot more emotional and moving that i anticipated. As it wasn't just blood thirsty machete wielded killing, it is almost worse. It was so methodical and cold and clever how they managed to kill thousands. In this article it talks about before children went in to the 'showers' to be gassed they were told to tie there shoe laces together so they wouldn't get separated for when they came out, instead this was so that they would be easier to sell as they would be together. I talked to my teacher about the trip and i asked her if anyone cries, she said 'It's not that kind of sad, its more of a shock and realism rather than crying sad'. 
           I am still looking forward to this trip I think its one of those things/places that you have to see before you die. I will do a post about the trip in April.