1 Aug 2011

Prom- it's all about the dress!

So the prom season is upon us! Or Home coming if you're from America, and so it is time for all the girls to buy their dresses! So here is my Prom fashion and beauty guide!
1) Go for a more evening dinner style than fairy princess, there is nothing worse in a prom dress than fluffy pink sequins and sparkles!
2) It is very easy to want to do everything you can possibly do! Make up, hair, jewelry, bag, dress! The normal rules of less is more still apply! If you're going for a necklace don't wear earrings, if you have a sparkly dress most likely you don't even need much jewelry at all!
3) similar to tip 2, less is more with the makeup as well! If you do want to do something fancier than your usual make up either tone up the lips OR the eyes! Not both!
4) Wear heels but try and find some that aren't absolutely going to murder your feet! If you really love them and you have to put up with them, try putting some Vaseline on the bits that rub on your shoe or get some blister plasters, It is really going to ruin your evening if you can't stand up!
5) Make sure you are wearing the dress, the dress isn't wearing you!

After those tips i thought i'd say what i would wear prom...

If money was no option something from Zuhair Murad, I feel like even prom isn't good enough for those dresses though! they are beautiful <3 So something simple, preferably grey or some sort of elegant colour, not a bright pink or green. (the picture is of the kind of dress i'd like to wear, then dress it up a little with a bold lip.
Good, flawless base makeup, so foundation concealer etc. Then either dramatic eye shadow and a nude lip or not really any eye shadow or a nude colour, then a bold red or pink lip! (or orange is a favorite of mine at the moment! Try the Barry M orange lip gloss its great and smells of peaches!) Personally I would go for a nude lip gloss, and a 60's winged eyeliner.
If i was wearing the dress i have put a picture of, I would wear a couple of multi coloured bangles just to add some colour to the outfit, as i haven't done coloured make up.
Pale skin coloured pink shoes, or some simple black heels, something thrown together, effortlessly sexy. For the bag, go for a small one because you won't want to be carrying a massive bag around with you, trying to dance. A clutch is small enough and ideal, but see if you can get a clutch that has a little wrist band thing attached to it, so you can have it around your wrist rather than trying to keep hold of it.
Your natural hair is the hair that normally suits you most, so don't do anything too different. I would go for wavy beachy curls, as i have short brown bob cut hair. If you are going to do your hair up, do it slightly loosely or a bit tousled so its doesn't look too 'perfect'.

So i think that's it for my Prom guide, just remember, its Prom HAVE FUN!!

Em x

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