14 Nov 2011

What is happening to the world?!

This may seem like a bit of an over dramatic blog post but it's something that has really been bugging me recently and I think people should really be more aware of it.
So many people in this modern world are just plain MEAN to each other! With internet and social networking now it is so easy to be anonymous and it feels like it isn't a real person the other end of the computer people feel it's okay to post nasty hateful comments on there you tube video or Facebook or whatever.
People are also starting to use the term 'fat' very loosely when the person they are describing is in no way shape or form 'fat'! How is it that anyone above size 10 is considered fat when 16 is actually the average woman's size (in England). If someone gains a slight amount of weight or for one day of there life is not wearing make up they have 'let themselves go'.
I really do think in this world the amount of just pure HATE and ANGER is growing and growing and the amount of just being plain NICE has completely disappeared?!
I have met a significant amount of people in my life time and i can think of 2 that are genuinely nice people!
So if by any chance reading this you agree with me, the next time you think or say something mean just think twice about how the other person might feel.
This post is not me telling you to sort yourself out and pretending i'm perfect. I can be a complete bitch like everyone can. But today i'm going to stop. I'm going to really try just to be a better person and i hope you do too.
I'm sorry for the ramble but this is an issue that has been bugging me for a while now!

I love you
Em x

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