25 Dec 2011

Its chriiisstttmasss!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Hope you have an amazing day! Share it with people you love :)

Em xx

24 Dec 2011

1 sleep 'til Christmas!

Well here it is. Christmas Eve. As a tradition in my house we always watch The Muppet's Christmas Carol on Christmas eve. We just finished it now, and i always forget how funny it really is. Now i feel all christmassy which I haven't very much this year.
One of the main things that of course everyone loves about Christmas is receiving presents. Why wouldn't you love it?! But I actually love finding the perfect present for someone and knowing they will love it.
I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Em xxx

23 Dec 2011

2 Days til Christmas!

I don't know whether it is because it hasn't been very cold where I am or if it's just me but I haven't felt christmassy at all! I'm sure I will when it actually gets to Christmas day, but it's been weird this year, i just haven't felt excited.
So because of that lack of excitement I haven't kept track off the days and i completely forgot that it is Christmas eve tomorrow!!

It's so strange how quickly 2011 has gone. The years are going by so quickly now a days i really feel like i need to make the most of each day more than i normally do.
So my new years resolution for next year is just to try and not waste any time. Obviously i am still going to have lazy days like today where i do nothing, because to be honest some days that's all i want to do. But in general i need to stop procrastinating and do productive things!

What's your new years resolution?
Em x

19 Dec 2011

6 Days Til Christmas!

I got my hair died dark brown with some copper highlights underneath today and i love it!! I can't imagine my hair not being this colour now. I always used to think that your natural hair colour was always the one that suited you the best but i disagree now. I love it!
Em x

18 Dec 2011

Chocolate! (7 Days til Christmas)

Even though the amount of chocolate i consumer around Christmas time is ridiculous this post surprisingly isn't about the edible goodness!
I'm considering dying my hair chocolate brown soon, at the moment it is a light brown with natural blonde highlights in it and i just want a change!
I think dark brown is a colour that looks lovely on anyone, So hopefully it will be dark brown soon.
Em x

17 Dec 2011

8 Days til Christmas!

Ok so two days ago i decided i was going to do a post everyday until Christmas. 
I didn't post yesterday...
I'm so bad at remembering to do things like that! After 1 day i forgot!
Oh well...
Em x

15 Dec 2011

10 Days til Christmas!

I'm going to attempt, sorry if i don't, (i get busy ok?!) to do a blog post every day until Christmas. You might not want a blog post everyday, but i'm going to do it for my own self-need to stick to something. I'm not a creature of habit :)
When i say 'you' in blog posts, i actually have no idea if anyone is reading this. If people just come to this website by accident and leave straight away afterwards or if i actually have some people enjoying reading my posts?
If you are reading this currently, excluding my friends and family, leave a comment below please! Would be nice to know if anyone actually reads this rubbish i call my blog!
Haha, so that's day 1 done.
Merry Christmas!
Em x

12 Dec 2011

Nirvana for Number 1!

I am currently part of the campaign to get Nirvana's, Smells like teen spirit to number 1 in the UK charts! It has become a pattern that the winner of the X factor gets the number 1 Christmas single every year. This pattern was beaten last year when a Facebook campaign tried to get Rage against the Machine to number 1 over the X factors, Joe Mcelderry.
It is the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's album 'Nevermind' this year. and many think it would be an amazing tribute to the lead singer, Kurt Cobain who shot himself when he was 27 in 1994. If nirvana was number 1.
Obviously my love for Nirvana and Kurt Cobain is one of the main reasons i support this, but more than that, The music industry has become this business. It no longer represents appreciation for music or talent. It is purely about making money.
Nirvana becoming number 1 would be an amazing way to remind people of how it used to be. and how music has lost all its soul and talent now. The one's who do have talent and passion are never in the charts and i really hope this can start to change that.
These are the instructions that the campaign starters posted on Facebook-
Download 'Smells like teen spirit' by Nirvana from any legal download site (Amazon, iTunes, HMV, 7Digital etc) from Sunday 18th December 00:01 to Saturday 24th December 23:59. The final chart is announced on Christmas day itself

Please support this campaign if you can! It would be awesome, and make my Christmas day a little bit better!
Like them on facebook and share! www.facebook.com/nirvanaforno1
Follow them on twitter and tweet about it! twitter.com/#!/nirvanaforno1

Em x

7 Dec 2011

Get lost in a book

For ages i haven't be able to get into reading. Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do and i completely get lost in the story and the characters but for a while i just hadn't found a good book or been reading very much at all! Well...
i'm back!!
I'm currently reading the 'Vampire Academy' series by Richelle Mead. It is amazing! i am on the 3rd one and i haven't been reading them very long!! I absolutely love the feeling of being excited to go to bed to be able to read my book and that's how i feel at the moment.
Its good to be back to normal :)
Em x

4 Dec 2011

What i'm wearing today (Sunday 4th Dec)

As i was very pleased i could fit into my old black skinny jeans i thought i'd go for the rocker look today! I'm wearing the black skinny jeans, a grey The Beatles t-shirt and a pair of grey heeled ankle boots. To level out the grey and give it some colour! I've put a purple-pink bow in my hair.
For makeup I haven't done foundation or anything because i thought i'd give my skin a rest, its only Sunday anyway! So i just have winged eyeliner, mascara and a pink lipstick from Barry M on. Barry M's lip products are amazing! Especially their lip glosses they smell amazing!
Em x

3 Dec 2011

Sleep in underrated!

Recently I have just not been able to get a good nights sleep! I get distracted by something so end up getting in bed late, then once i actually do I read my book for at least an hour! The past 2 days i have slept so well! i went to bed at 9:00 the other day and today as it is a Saturday i slept in til midday. I felt so much better throughout the day. I worked harder in school and was just generally happier it was lovely!
I reccomend getting a good nights sleep to everyone! :)
It also meant i didn't have such big bags under my eyes, which meant applying concealer was a lot quicker!
Em x