28 Dec 2010

#4 Stay Put!

If like me you’ve tried every eyeliner there is, you will know that it can be hard to get one that stays on your water line for the whole working day, so to make your liner stay put, firstly dry your water line with a cotton bud and try and apply your eyeliner quickly afterwards otherwise the moisture will just return to your water line. Then with an eyeliner brush put an identical colour powder to your eyeliner on top. This is like setting your foundation with powder it makes it stay longer, just try not to poke yourself in the eye with a makeup brush!

19 Dec 2010

#3 Pedicure Problems

If you’re really not a contortionist like me, and you can’t even touch your toes when you bend over then painting your toe nails without smudging the pinkie is like world war 3! So what do you do? Sit on the stairs! Sit on a step with your feet on the step below and they are instantly raised to a more reasonable height. You might want to put some kitchen towel down first because I doubt your Mum will be pleased with the red splodges on her new cream carpet!
Em x

14 Dec 2010

I thought when you got to the last week of term the work started to
wind down, put no apparently my school have decided to pack as much
work into the last week of school as possible! Don't worry always got
time to blog he he!
Em x

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12 Dec 2010

Just learnt that I can blog from my iPod just checking it out!
Em x

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New York

Known for being one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world, I honestly and truly, <3 NY!
The big apple is the one place in the world which i really wish to go! Guess what i put on my christmas list this year?! A new york appartment, ok maybe it was a bit OTT but it really is a place that i think is so glamourous, and i really wish to go some day!
Em x

#2 less is more

I believe it was Chanel who made up this tip, but I feel it is my duty to pass it on! Take off the last item you put on! So when you’ve loaded on your jewellery take off that last bracelet, because most of the time it is one too many! 
Em x