28 Dec 2010

#4 Stay Put!

If like me you’ve tried every eyeliner there is, you will know that it can be hard to get one that stays on your water line for the whole working day, so to make your liner stay put, firstly dry your water line with a cotton bud and try and apply your eyeliner quickly afterwards otherwise the moisture will just return to your water line. Then with an eyeliner brush put an identical colour powder to your eyeliner on top. This is like setting your foundation with powder it makes it stay longer, just try not to poke yourself in the eye with a makeup brush!

19 Dec 2010

#3 Pedicure Problems

If you’re really not a contortionist like me, and you can’t even touch your toes when you bend over then painting your toe nails without smudging the pinkie is like world war 3! So what do you do? Sit on the stairs! Sit on a step with your feet on the step below and they are instantly raised to a more reasonable height. You might want to put some kitchen towel down first because I doubt your Mum will be pleased with the red splodges on her new cream carpet!
Em x

14 Dec 2010

I thought when you got to the last week of term the work started to
wind down, put no apparently my school have decided to pack as much
work into the last week of school as possible! Don't worry always got
time to blog he he!
Em x

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12 Dec 2010

Just learnt that I can blog from my iPod just checking it out!
Em x

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New York

Known for being one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world, I honestly and truly, <3 NY!
The big apple is the one place in the world which i really wish to go! Guess what i put on my christmas list this year?! A new york appartment, ok maybe it was a bit OTT but it really is a place that i think is so glamourous, and i really wish to go some day!
Em x

#2 less is more

I believe it was Chanel who made up this tip, but I feel it is my duty to pass it on! Take off the last item you put on! So when you’ve loaded on your jewellery take off that last bracelet, because most of the time it is one too many! 
Em x

14 Nov 2010

#1 White’s the new Black!

If you want your eyes to look bigger and brighter (I know I sound like an advert!) well use white eyeliner on your water line, rather than black - black may make your eyes look dramatic, it will also make them look smaller where as white will widen them and make them look brighter!
I'm going to start doing a weekly random tip for anything like make up, skin, fashion life etc. every Sunday
Em x

28 Sep 2010

'I'll have a double blended mocha frappucino, small, no cream'.....'please'.

So recently I have been experiencing the highs and lows of my personal Starbucks and caffeine addiction... it all started in food technology...
Last week or something around that time, our food tech teacher told us all that if we bring in our own tea bags, etc. we can use the kettles at the side of the room and make a drink at the beginning of the lesson. At this point in time I was still experiencing my caffeine high, and with my personal love for Starbucks I was abnormally pleased to be able to make a coffee in class. It was probably part of my sitting in Starbucks with my coffee and laptop writing for a fashion magazine fantasy, and so in food tech sure enough I made myself a coffee, but you must take into account i had a coffee the day before...and the day before...and the- well you get the idea. So I had my coffee did my work and for about 2 hours I was hyper. Then later on I started to get tired, and tired. then I had another coffee the next day and was even more tired afterwards (this would be the caffeine low part) so since that day (about 4 days ago) I have not had a coffee and if I have a Starbucks I have decaf. So to my fellow addicts I tell you there is hope!!

Oh and by the way if you don't know what Starbucks is you need to get out of the hole your living in and get yourself a frappucino!!

Em x

12 Sep 2010

School trip to Germany

I am going on a school trip next year for 5 days, we go to Auschwitz, the Berlin wall, the factory from schnidlers list etc. I love history in school, i find it very interesting and am really looking forward to this trip. My dad showed me this artical in a newspaper about Ausvitz and going there. I didn't know what to expect before but i think it will be a lot more emotional and moving that i anticipated. As it wasn't just blood thirsty machete wielded killing, it is almost worse. It was so methodical and cold and clever how they managed to kill thousands. In this article it talks about before children went in to the 'showers' to be gassed they were told to tie there shoe laces together so they wouldn't get separated for when they came out, instead this was so that they would be easier to sell as they would be together. I talked to my teacher about the trip and i asked her if anyone cries, she said 'It's not that kind of sad, its more of a shock and realism rather than crying sad'. 
           I am still looking forward to this trip I think its one of those things/places that you have to see before you die. I will do a post about the trip in April.

24 Aug 2010

Big Brother 2010!

I have literally just finished watching the final of big brother 2010, and watching all the past house mates re enter for ULTIMATE BIG BROTHER. If anyone out there doesn't know what that is (just in case you've been trapped in a cardboard box for the past 77 days), basically they have got all the best (and the worst) house mates, stuck them back in the house and we get to sit back and watch the chaos for 2 weeks until one of them is crowned the ultimate big brother winner!!
When the house mates all went back in, I was pleased to see Nikki, despite the tantrums you just love to hate her don't you! I was so shocked to not see Pete back in there! I had already placed my bets on him winning ultimate big brother, and he's not even in there!!! All was okay in the end as Davina revealed that two more house mates would be entering, but not through the door? Hopefully one of them is Pete!
So Josie just got announced the winner, which I think everyone knew was gonna happen, even if you didn't want her to win, the crowd chanting 'Josie! Josie!' kind of gave it away! Is it just me or was Sam Pepper AWESOME! I so thought he was gonna be in the final!! I was honestly devastated that he got evicted!
I didn't expect Dave (the monk) to get so far, he was funny, but was it just me or was he bitchier than some of the best girls out there!
I'm of course looking forward to the fights, the tasks, the love and the final from Ultimate Big Brother! I'll keep you posted!
Em x

11 Jul 2010

House work!

I just finished doing that massive tidy of your room that you do every so often. I usually give me room a little once over every couple of weeks, but you know when it gets to that stage where you actually cannot see the floor! For anyone else who is dreading when they have to do this, I would say just think it will be so much nicer once it's done! (and it is) and also if your having trouble suming up the energy, well when you get that feeling of ok lets just do it, then do it then or you won't feel like it another time. Put some music on in your room, not slow sad music but upbeat tunes with a good beat to keep up your energy. Don't tell anyone but I usually end up tidying while dancing and singing to the music. A bit embarrassing perhaps but very good to make the work less painful! Also just another thing to think about when you get to that stage of, Please let me stop! house work actually burns calories! Once the work's done you'll find yourself much more relaxed and less stressed in a tidy room. Em x

5 Jul 2010

She's 14? Must be immature!

Ageism can be a touchy subject as any type of discrimination is, but like every bad thing, I feel it is best to talk about it and voice your opinions (within reason!) So that's what I'm doing.
My thoughts are, that it bugs me that people the second you tell them you are 13, 14 or that kind of age they automatically think that you are immature or don't know what you are doing. Maybe some 13 year old's don't know what they're doing but I am a mature person for my age, and I have been very happy lately on how a couple of people have taken me seriously and treated me with such maturity. So thank you Heather and Beth for helping me reach my goals and not thinking 'Oh she's only 14 she doesn't know what she wants to do'.

19 Jun 2010

Pre-party ritual

Every girl knows that before a big party, or even a small outing, you will need at least 2 hours to get yourself ready! I am getting ready now for my birthday party (a murder mystery set in Hawaii, post about it coming soon) and of course 4 hours before it starts I am beginning to glam myself up. Here is my pre-party routine that I will be using today=
Wash face, toner, ex foliating mask, cooling mask, moisturise, cut nails, file nails, paint nails, accidently chip one nail then have to paint it again, curl hair, concealer, I don't wear foundation but if you did it would go hear, winged eye-liner, curl lashes, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, put on Hawaiian dress and tweek hair etc if needed. 
Now that I have written it down I'm surprised that its not longer! What's your pre party routine? x

13 Jun 2010

Graduate Fashion Week

Last week I went to the Graduate Fashion Week in London, There were stands for all the different arts and fashion universities in the UK. There was even free ice cream!!! I went round the stalls looking at all the different uni's taking all the brochures, leaflets, postcards and just generally free stuff that they gave me!! Later on in the day once the stands had been surveyed I went into the fashion show. It displayed all the work from different students who studied at the universities that were displayed there. I will admit some of the clothes did conjure a lot of questions in my mind for example, 'what were they thinking?' and 'who would wear that?' but the clothes that didn't make me ponder why everyone was clapping, did amaze me. The amount of detail and originality that went into some of the designs was astounding and you could really see every designers characters come through. If you have an interest in fashion or are looking for a university that really is the place to be. Go to http://www.gfw.org.uk/home.aspx if you want to find out more.

2 Jun 2010

Cole or not to Cole? that is the question.

The recent split between Cheryl and Ashley wasn't much of a surprise, but with Cheryl trying to forget about the past, it is being made a lot harder by her managers etc. who say Tweedy isn't sexy enough and she may have to keep her married name of Cole, trust me tweedy or no tweedy Cheryl Cole is the definition of sexy!


For some of us music is just a simple thing, that we occasionally listen to, maybe to set the mood for something. And for some its a haven. It can make you smile and it can make you cry. Some people find it helps them escape, if they have something going wrong for them they can get lost in sound, pounding through there ears. Anyway my point is, I think it's good for everyone to find their feel good song, The one they turn to when they're sad or upset or any emotion that is having a negative affect. A song that they can sit down listen to and forget about their worries.

7 May 2010


I started my GCSE's this year, and suprise, suprise they're not as fun as you may think. Although I am loving my options. The subjects I choose to do. And the others...I can handle them :) If you're having school problems just think, you're not gonna be there forever! Enjoy the easy life while it is there. If you're a teenager with issues. Just think we all have them!

1 Apr 2010


My School just broke up for easter holidays! I know everyone feels guilty about eating all the chocolate but really just RELAX. Everyones going to be pigging out a little so don't beat yourself up about it! If you want to, and i think this probably is a good idea do some more exersise to make sure your not just eating chocolate and being a couch potato. Tell people to buy you presents or give you money for easter instead of chocolate. This is what i've done. I'm just got quite a few easter eggs from friends so i'm getting money from family! Simple. Everyone does this and i know i'm definately a victim. What we do is eat our emotions. If we're bored or sad we eat. Well keep yourself busy this holiday. I'm not saying you need to be busy 24/7 but just try and do something different, occupy yourself! Good Luck and don't worry we're all gonna be full of chocolate eggs by the end of this holiday!

21 Mar 2010

Make up for glasses

If your a girl with glasses like me, you might think it takes away from you eyes. Well here are some tips for make up for glassed-
Conceal ALOT your glasses will create a shadow so cover those bags as best as you can!
Focus on the lower lashes- make sure to emphasise your lower lashes to really make them pop behind your frames
Define the eyebrows your glasses are a frame for your eyes the same as your eyebrows are a frame for your glasses.
exaggorate your crease- use a purple or dark brown and make a defined line in your crease behind your glasses you really need to exaggorate your make up to make it stand out.

I hope that helped and one last tip-
Find some Awesome glasses!! if they're taking away from your makeup make sure they're pretty awesome.

21 Feb 2010

How to beat the monday blues!

Whether your going to work, going to school or looking for job no one like the feeling on a Monday morning just after a relaxing weekend. Here are some of my tips on how to beat those Monday blues.

  1. Plan something fun for after work or school, go to the cinema with friends or go out for a meal with family. Plan something you can look forward to through the day.

  2. Make your favourite meal to take for lunch.

  3. Think of 3 good things about that Monday, just thinking about the positives will make it a lot less hard to face.
  4. Just think its only one day then its over.

19 Feb 2010

Alexander Mcqueen comitts suicide days before mothers funeral

On the 12th February 2010 Alexander McQueen a famous and controversial fashion designer was found dead in his flat in Mayfair. It is three years since Lee Alexander McQueen started his life as a truly talented fashion designer.
McQueen took his own life days after he was told about the death of his dearly loved mother Joyce.
Police were called to McQ's £640,000 flat at 10:20am after he was found dead a private ambulance arrived to take his body away at 4:30pm.
This is a great loss for everyone who cared for him and also a loss for the growing fashion industry.

Hair products i love!

Here are a few of the hair products that i love and would recommend them to all!


People don't think you need to use a heat defence spray before blow drying your hair but i do. It is still heat. I use Toni & Guy Iron it heat defence spray. This is a great product i used to not use any heat in my hair but now like most girls my age, i have it all. Hair straighteners, curlers, blow dryers and even so, there has been no change in the quality of my hair!

Voluming Mousse-

Second and last Toni & Guy product, Toni & Guy boost it mousse gives a thick feel to your hair great for thin hair that needs a little help to get that extra volume.

Hair spray-

L'oreal Paris Elnett Satin hair spray in normal strength. I've only just got it but I'm already in love. Does not make hair hard, brushes out easily and doesn't make you cough when you spray it. Finally its good to be free of that hairspray smell! Brilliant strongly recommend it.

Dry shampoo-

This is actually the only dry shampoo i've tried but i still love it. Lee Stafford Poker straight dry shampoo for oily roots. For when you just don't have time to wash your hair use this, its a life saver!

Every girls fashion must haves

Here is my list of the 10 things every girl should have in there wardrobe! ( no particular order)

  1. A tank top, a good fitting one in a colour of your choice-Match it with a thick belt or cropped jacket for a simple but fun look.

  2. A jacket, whether its leather or wool everyone needs something to keep them warm.

  3. Jeans, casual with a baggy sweater, punk with a studded jacket or chic with a silky shirt. Dress it up or dress it down this is a must have!

  4. Cardigan, Especially recently, oversized cardigans are all the rage, Great with a skirt and also with jeans this cosy item makes a statement without trying too hard.

  5. A long top, you chose what you want, what style, what colour whatever you want but this is a favourite of mine. Wear it with dark skinny jeans for a night look and light leggings in the day.

  6. Pumps, little dolly shoes go great wih leggings or skinny jeans, and for a girly look pair them with a floral skirt or dress.

  7. Heels, a girls best friend, and worst nightmare, if you can find some that won't make you feel any pain grab them because theres not many that don't. Even with that said everyone still has a pair, and they love 'em

  8. Thick belt, not particually for holding up your trousers but still a great accesory!

  9. LBD, of course a Little Black Dress, so versatile whatever your style get yourself one of theese!

  10. And finally a white shirt, yep thats it, plain but definately comes in handy, for work or for a posh dinner.


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