3 Aug 2011

The sweet smell of childhood!

Is it only me who loves the smell of sun lotion?! It just reminds me of being a child in the summer, when you go to school and everyone is completely covered in the stuff!!

I just had this random thought and thought i'd share it with you!

I guess i should probably make this post a little more beauty related!


Sun lotion is great for your skin, it really is bad for you to be sitting outside in the sun for a long time, no matter how lovely your tan is!
I have my body sun lotion but my everyday moisturizer is SPF 15 i think as well, its from the dermatological clean start range, which is specifically for teenagers. It really is a great range especially the spot cream!

Yeah..i guess that's all i have to say! have a great evening or day, or whatever time it is where you live!!

Em x

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