12 Nov 2011

Diamonds are a girls best friend...

I'm not so fussed about the massive rocks, but I have to say i absolutely LOVE rings! They are probably my favorite accessory just behind sunglasses <3
The bigger the ring the better! I just think it can really round of an outfit brilliantly and if you have your nails done with a colour that goes well with the ring it looks beautiful. Topshop (which i'm not sure if its in the US) have amazing rings and their jewelry at the moment is very punk-ish so i'm trying to not spend all my money on them!
I really don't think rings have to be as expensive as some of them are! Obviously there are hundred pounds and thousand pound rings out there but two of my favorites were about £3 and £30. Most of my rings cost me under £10.
Picture is of a set of 10 rings from Topshop which I want to buy so badly!
Em x

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