24 Jan 2011

INSPIRED- The Black Swan

This is the first in my new INSPIRED series, and the first thing that I believe could be adapted in so many ways involving art is The Black Swan the new movie staring Natalie Portman (mother to be! congratulations x) Here is some of the ways this movie and the themes of this film could be adapted into art and fashion...
This theme of dance, elegance and animals could be used in a number of portraits or sculptures, maybe a dark misty dancer in oil paints? You never know, let your mind go wild!
Just imagine a catwalk dimly lit, with ballerinas at the side dressed in white or pink and then a beautiful model walks down the centre of the catwalk in an incredible black lace and silk dress (Zuhair Murad style!)
It would be easy to adapt a movie like this into a book, or a short story. Or maybe for a magazine or blog post you could talk about dance or make up inspired by this movie. (I might just do that!)

So let your creative instincts be set alight by this film! Whether your an artist, a designer, a writer, or any one who just likes anything creative, see if you can adapt these themes of dark, elegance and dance into your interest!
Em x

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