2 Aug 2011


This post was suggested to me by a friend, so you'll have to thank her if you like this one hehe!

The main thing i love about summer is indeed a good old picnic! I had one today which was really fun! There is nothing better than friends, food and sun!
So to make this post more beauty/health/fashion-y i guess i thought i'd give you some ideas of how to make a picnic more interesting!!

1) make the food themed. Eg. Healthy food or food you remember from your childhood.
2) Make the clothes themed! Everyone has to wear something they wouldn't normally wear, or inspired by something!
3) Make it a planning picnic, picnics are quite casual events, and I honestly love planning stuff, i don't know why i just do! So make the picnic a meeting for your friends to plan a trip to the beach or even planning your lives if you want something a little more serious!

Go and invite a couple of your friends and no matter how old you are go for a picnic, you'll love it!

Em x

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