8 Jan 2013

Photo and Song of the day

Both things aren't linked in any way, it's just a song I love and a drawing of all the characters from a film I love (The Hobbit obviously)

6 Jan 2013

Human Claws

AKA nails, I wanted to make a post about nail varnish and stuff then I realized my titles and beginning of posts always start pretty much the same, something like 'so..' or 'I always...' so I've jazzed it up a little using the name Human Claws to replace the title of 'nails' which is a little too obvious for my liking. Ok i'll stop rambling now.
I love having my nails painted I just like it, don't ask me why, I just do. But I am also one of the worlds most impatient people so I can never be bothered to paint them but recently I actually have made the time to! So I feel inspired to make a post about some of my favourite colours and stuff, ok you probably don't care but you know what, I like talking about it so i'm going to. Then maybe you might go out and get these colours and find a new nail varnish you love all thanks to me! You're welcome.

OK i'll stop now but if you want to know: 1. Casino Royale 2. Siberian Nights 3. Done out in deco 4. Barefoot in Barcelona 5. I have a herring problem 6. I'm india mood for love
I love all the OPI names, anyway I was planning on only putting 2 or so pictures but got a little carried away, well I hope the pretty colours might have interested you! Have a great day,