12 Feb 2011

Valentines Day...

Valentines day, when someone heres those words, they think one of three things. The most beautiful holiday, I wish I had someone to be with, The most depressing holiday. So what is the definition of valentines day? What is it for? Why do we have it? Isn't it meant to be about love. Because now a days it seems like your either happy because you have a girlfriend or boyfriend. Or your depressed because you don't.
        I think Valentines day should be about more than that. It should be about everyone and everything you love. It should be about friends and family, even your favorite meal! Rather than thinking about whether your technically in a relationship or not, get all your loved ones with you, and eat your favorite meal. I love my friends and so i am spending valentines with them. I don't need to be IN love with them, to want to spend valentines with them do I?
      Do what you love to do, make this day your best no matter what.

Happy Valentines Day
Em x

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