21 Feb 2010

How to beat the monday blues!

Whether your going to work, going to school or looking for job no one like the feeling on a Monday morning just after a relaxing weekend. Here are some of my tips on how to beat those Monday blues.

  1. Plan something fun for after work or school, go to the cinema with friends or go out for a meal with family. Plan something you can look forward to through the day.

  2. Make your favourite meal to take for lunch.

  3. Think of 3 good things about that Monday, just thinking about the positives will make it a lot less hard to face.
  4. Just think its only one day then its over.

19 Feb 2010

Alexander Mcqueen comitts suicide days before mothers funeral

On the 12th February 2010 Alexander McQueen a famous and controversial fashion designer was found dead in his flat in Mayfair. It is three years since Lee Alexander McQueen started his life as a truly talented fashion designer.
McQueen took his own life days after he was told about the death of his dearly loved mother Joyce.
Police were called to McQ's £640,000 flat at 10:20am after he was found dead a private ambulance arrived to take his body away at 4:30pm.
This is a great loss for everyone who cared for him and also a loss for the growing fashion industry.

Hair products i love!

Here are a few of the hair products that i love and would recommend them to all!


People don't think you need to use a heat defence spray before blow drying your hair but i do. It is still heat. I use Toni & Guy Iron it heat defence spray. This is a great product i used to not use any heat in my hair but now like most girls my age, i have it all. Hair straighteners, curlers, blow dryers and even so, there has been no change in the quality of my hair!

Voluming Mousse-

Second and last Toni & Guy product, Toni & Guy boost it mousse gives a thick feel to your hair great for thin hair that needs a little help to get that extra volume.

Hair spray-

L'oreal Paris Elnett Satin hair spray in normal strength. I've only just got it but I'm already in love. Does not make hair hard, brushes out easily and doesn't make you cough when you spray it. Finally its good to be free of that hairspray smell! Brilliant strongly recommend it.

Dry shampoo-

This is actually the only dry shampoo i've tried but i still love it. Lee Stafford Poker straight dry shampoo for oily roots. For when you just don't have time to wash your hair use this, its a life saver!

Every girls fashion must haves

Here is my list of the 10 things every girl should have in there wardrobe! ( no particular order)

  1. A tank top, a good fitting one in a colour of your choice-Match it with a thick belt or cropped jacket for a simple but fun look.

  2. A jacket, whether its leather or wool everyone needs something to keep them warm.

  3. Jeans, casual with a baggy sweater, punk with a studded jacket or chic with a silky shirt. Dress it up or dress it down this is a must have!

  4. Cardigan, Especially recently, oversized cardigans are all the rage, Great with a skirt and also with jeans this cosy item makes a statement without trying too hard.

  5. A long top, you chose what you want, what style, what colour whatever you want but this is a favourite of mine. Wear it with dark skinny jeans for a night look and light leggings in the day.

  6. Pumps, little dolly shoes go great wih leggings or skinny jeans, and for a girly look pair them with a floral skirt or dress.

  7. Heels, a girls best friend, and worst nightmare, if you can find some that won't make you feel any pain grab them because theres not many that don't. Even with that said everyone still has a pair, and they love 'em

  8. Thick belt, not particually for holding up your trousers but still a great accesory!

  9. LBD, of course a Little Black Dress, so versatile whatever your style get yourself one of theese!

  10. And finally a white shirt, yep thats it, plain but definately comes in handy, for work or for a posh dinner.


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