24 Aug 2010

Big Brother 2010!

I have literally just finished watching the final of big brother 2010, and watching all the past house mates re enter for ULTIMATE BIG BROTHER. If anyone out there doesn't know what that is (just in case you've been trapped in a cardboard box for the past 77 days), basically they have got all the best (and the worst) house mates, stuck them back in the house and we get to sit back and watch the chaos for 2 weeks until one of them is crowned the ultimate big brother winner!!
When the house mates all went back in, I was pleased to see Nikki, despite the tantrums you just love to hate her don't you! I was so shocked to not see Pete back in there! I had already placed my bets on him winning ultimate big brother, and he's not even in there!!! All was okay in the end as Davina revealed that two more house mates would be entering, but not through the door? Hopefully one of them is Pete!
So Josie just got announced the winner, which I think everyone knew was gonna happen, even if you didn't want her to win, the crowd chanting 'Josie! Josie!' kind of gave it away! Is it just me or was Sam Pepper AWESOME! I so thought he was gonna be in the final!! I was honestly devastated that he got evicted!
I didn't expect Dave (the monk) to get so far, he was funny, but was it just me or was he bitchier than some of the best girls out there!
I'm of course looking forward to the fights, the tasks, the love and the final from Ultimate Big Brother! I'll keep you posted!
Em x