14 Aug 2013

You're hot

At the beginning of the summer I got a temp job with Monsoon/Accessorize and they were moving their store down the high street so I was helping out with the move and all that stuff, and one day we were setting up the new store and there was so much to do a load of girls came from some of the other stores to help out, so there were basically 50 or so different girls, all about 15-30. Basically the point I'm getting to is it was so fascinating to watch everyone (I'm a people watcher anyway, so this was fab) and see how every single girl has their own fashion sense, hair style and makeup and everyone looked awesome and lovely in their own way. It was one of the only opportunities I've had to see so many different styles at once and it is so true that if someone looks comfortable in themselves then they generally look fantastic. Basically the epiphany I had was that there is so not one way to be beautiful, you don't have to be a certain size or a certain style, as these girls demonstrated, each and everyone one was rocking their own thing.
What I'm saying is you're hot, and you're the hottest you there is.

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