13 Aug 2013

Things to do when you're sad #1

Take a bath, make sure you have some great music with you. I recommend Ben Howard, Every Kingdom is a great album to play back to back but Foals- Spanish Sahara is unbeatable as a summery relaxing song. Buy yourself a magazine or some bubble bath (or both, both is good) basically treat yourself to something that you are going to have in the bath, it could be a book or some chocolate. You are the most important person in your own life, in your head when you read that you may have thought of someone else for a second, someone you would do anything for. Yes other people can mean everything to you but they aren't the most important. A bath is a private thing where you can be any emotion, do anything and release some stress. If you just want to wallow in the water and be sad then go for it. Do what you want to, just for an hour or so.
Hope this has helped anyone,

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