17 Aug 2013

Things to do when you're sad #2

Plan a 'me' day. People will do things they want to do but very rarely will anyone dedicate an entire day to themselves. Tell whoever you live with when you are planning this for so they know not to bother you and either don't make any plans or make some depending on what you want to do that day, it's all up to you! Order takeaway or cook your favourite food for yourself. Watch your favourite film, anything you would enjoy doing. What's fun about this is that half of the fun is in planning this day! You can plan it for the end of a busy school or work week as a reward for yourself for getting through it. I did that when I had to do a presentation at school which I was nervous about I planned for that evening to buy some magazines, chocolate and have a bath. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a bit selfish sometimes and you probably deserve it! Here are some ideas of things to do on your 'me' day:
  • Go for a meal with friends
  • Go to the cinema
  • Have a movie/TV marathon of all your favourites at home- buy popcorn
  • Bake for yourself- cookies, brownies or whatever you want
  • Have a bath (see earlier 'things to do when your sad #1')
  • Go for a walk/picnic
  • Stay up as late or early as you wish
  • Buy something you've wanted for a while for yourself
  • Listen to all your favourite music, before your 'me' day you can create a playlist for it
  • Get a treatment like a manicure, facial or massage
  • pamper yourself, buy facemasks or any home beauty products you like
I hope one of you does this and it makes you happy! When I get round to my 'me' day I'll make a post of what I did.

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