14 Aug 2013

Love her style: Jemima Kirke

I hadn't seen her in anything until I watched the HBO show 'Girls' (highly recommend, I'm probably going to make another post just about the TV show itself) and now I'm slightly obsessed with Jemima Kirke and her style, she's an actress and artist, born in London but raised in New York her style is very laid back but effortlessly beautiful. I love the whole boho, almost hippy style but then she'll wear heels with it and looks stunning but as if she wasn't trying too hard. I've always believed that people generally look their best when they just throw something on and feel comfortable in it, there is nothing worse than someone in a skin tight dress who looks really conscious of the fact they are in a skin tight dress. T-shirt dresses, wavy hair and flip flops all the way. I just find Jemima does that look perfectly. Less is more. If you want to get her look what I advise is:
1) Toni & Guy- Salt Spray, I bought it the other day and just spray it onto dry hair and you get beachy waves, Jemima doesn't do much to her hair except plaiting it or a messy bun. If it takes more than 10 minutes don't do it.
2) Red Lipstick- Any brand just get a matte red lip going and you're halfway there.
3) Prints. Whatever item of clothing it is, make sure it's baggy and has a print on it, don't mix prints too much or there will be too much going on but go for a single statement piece.
Basically just wear what you love and what you feel comfortable in, shop around in charity stores and you're bound to find some great items which are unique, add a statement necklace and the first 2 tips and you're good to go.

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