13 Aug 2013

My Angle

I clicked 'new post' because I've been really excited today to get started on posting more. Then I was like well I could do a post about fashion, or makeup, or art maybe but then I just feel as if that isn't anything different. Then I started to think what this blog is actually meant to be, what is my purpose, one of my friends has a fashion photography style blog so she knows exactly what she wants to be posting about but I just do this for my own enjoyment and so what do I post about? What do I want to talk about and what do I think would be the most helpful or fun for you guys. Basically I have no clue, I think I just like talking about life, giving advice and different views on things. Yes I will make posts about makeup and fashion because those are things I love but I just feel like I need a focus for this blog.
I'll work it out

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