13 Jun 2010

Graduate Fashion Week

Last week I went to the Graduate Fashion Week in London, There were stands for all the different arts and fashion universities in the UK. There was even free ice cream!!! I went round the stalls looking at all the different uni's taking all the brochures, leaflets, postcards and just generally free stuff that they gave me!! Later on in the day once the stands had been surveyed I went into the fashion show. It displayed all the work from different students who studied at the universities that were displayed there. I will admit some of the clothes did conjure a lot of questions in my mind for example, 'what were they thinking?' and 'who would wear that?' but the clothes that didn't make me ponder why everyone was clapping, did amaze me. The amount of detail and originality that went into some of the designs was astounding and you could really see every designers characters come through. If you have an interest in fashion or are looking for a university that really is the place to be. Go to http://www.gfw.org.uk/home.aspx if you want to find out more.

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