5 Jul 2010

She's 14? Must be immature!

Ageism can be a touchy subject as any type of discrimination is, but like every bad thing, I feel it is best to talk about it and voice your opinions (within reason!) So that's what I'm doing.
My thoughts are, that it bugs me that people the second you tell them you are 13, 14 or that kind of age they automatically think that you are immature or don't know what you are doing. Maybe some 13 year old's don't know what they're doing but I am a mature person for my age, and I have been very happy lately on how a couple of people have taken me seriously and treated me with such maturity. So thank you Heather and Beth for helping me reach my goals and not thinking 'Oh she's only 14 she doesn't know what she wants to do'.

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