19 Jun 2010

Pre-party ritual

Every girl knows that before a big party, or even a small outing, you will need at least 2 hours to get yourself ready! I am getting ready now for my birthday party (a murder mystery set in Hawaii, post about it coming soon) and of course 4 hours before it starts I am beginning to glam myself up. Here is my pre-party routine that I will be using today=
Wash face, toner, ex foliating mask, cooling mask, moisturise, cut nails, file nails, paint nails, accidently chip one nail then have to paint it again, curl hair, concealer, I don't wear foundation but if you did it would go hear, winged eye-liner, curl lashes, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, put on Hawaiian dress and tweek hair etc if needed. 
Now that I have written it down I'm surprised that its not longer! What's your pre party routine? x

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