1 Apr 2010


My School just broke up for easter holidays! I know everyone feels guilty about eating all the chocolate but really just RELAX. Everyones going to be pigging out a little so don't beat yourself up about it! If you want to, and i think this probably is a good idea do some more exersise to make sure your not just eating chocolate and being a couch potato. Tell people to buy you presents or give you money for easter instead of chocolate. This is what i've done. I'm just got quite a few easter eggs from friends so i'm getting money from family! Simple. Everyone does this and i know i'm definately a victim. What we do is eat our emotions. If we're bored or sad we eat. Well keep yourself busy this holiday. I'm not saying you need to be busy 24/7 but just try and do something different, occupy yourself! Good Luck and don't worry we're all gonna be full of chocolate eggs by the end of this holiday!

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