1 Dec 2012

My Spiritual Home

I've always been a big lover of Centre Parcs, maybe 'big lover' is an understatement. I would pretty much do anything to live there. It's amazing, I just completely forget about the rest of the world when I'm there. Normally me and my family go there for about 5 nights or something, and we're planning on going between Christmas and New years for a couple of nights; but my Dad mentioned that they do day trips, where you can book it for just a day so earlier yesterday my Dad asked, 'Would you want to go to Centre Parcs for a day?' So I said 'Definitely' then he said 'Today???' So last night I went to Centre Parcs! It was brilliant, I love that place so much and it's just made me more excited to go later on in the year. If you have the chance to go, seriously it's the best.
A little bit obsessed,

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