23 Dec 2012

Christmas Time

Every year my parents both say about how they feel this pressure around Christmas to be really happy, and i've never before understood that because it's always been, 'Well why wouldn't you be happy? It's Christmas!' but this year I know exactly what they mean, I've had really quite a crap year and Christmas just feels so intimidatingly happy! It seems really bad to be sad at this time of the year but I can't help it!
Although saying that, I am much more optimistic tonight than I normally am, I'm finally feeling quite christmassy and also the fact that it's almost a new year is a nice way to look forward to a fresh start, so that'll be good, and also i'm going on holiday to Center Parcs, my favourite place in the world so that'll be lovely!
So I really do hope you all have a fantastic 2013 despite however 2012 has been for you. If you are not feeling christmassy then fair enough! You don't have to! Just enjoy all the little things.

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