11 Nov 2012

If I did any less I think I might be dead.

This weekend has been an unbelievable waste of time, I mean I've wasted time before but this is on a whole other level. I have literally done nothing other than make a very good cup of coffee. I can honestly say that is all I have achieved  Yesterday I watched TV all day (specifically- The Paradise, which is really good, go watch it!) then I watched 5 years of engagement which is suitably mediocre. It's quite funny but not buy worthy, but if you can, rent it or something it's quite amusing. Then today, this post is probably the post productive thing I've done (except the cup of coffee of course).
So there we go, that's how my life's going at the moment. I don't have any homework. I have some extra work I should probably do but I can't do it before I find my memory stick. Then i'm going to watch the Breakfast Club later and go to bed.
Wow. Life changing events I know.
I really need to start doing things, ah well. Life goes on.
Love you,
I'm not even going to read this post back to check for spelling mistakes or anything as that would be borderline productive, and I don't know if I can handle that. 

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