6 Nov 2012

Back to School

I go back to the hell hole that is sixth form tomorrow, to return to my continuous piles of essays and homework. It won't be so bad I get to see my friends but still. I just don't see the point, I hate a lot of the teaches who are pretty bad teachers anyway, one was off for about a month anyway so a lot of my day is just private study. Where I could just be doing the work at home, but oh well i'm still there at the crack of dawn. At least it's non-uniform now and we have lost our disgusting navy blazers. Who wears navy and black? Seriously?
Oh I just remember this article by Caitlin Moran I read the other day which was really funny, talking about a game you can play called shag order. I need to tell my friends about it tomorrow. Basically you pick a group of people, a cast, a band anything like that and put them in the order you would shag them. Her example was the Muppets which was very funny. I'm thinking more Avengers cast but each to their own.
Anyway i'm off to do more essay writing, fun. fun. fun.

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