10 Sep 2013

Some great music

There are a load of albums I want to buy at the moment and with watching Reading and Leeds Festivals on the TV I'm feeling very musically inspired. So I thought I'd make a post of basically just a load of music recommendations, I'll try and describe their sound so you can decide yourself which ones you'd like to listen to.

Band: Peace
Album to buy: In love
Song to listen to: Wraith, California Daze
Their sound: Classified as indie rock but with certain songs going heavier and a few as more light lullaby-esq sounding. They look fantastic live and are great at parties, wraith especially is a real sing along, dance til 3am kind of song. Peace have a dirty sort of sound in a really great way. A few songs have a feeling of Oasis and The Beatles to them as well.

Band: Passion Pit
Album to buy: Gossamer
Song to listen to: Carried Away, Cry like a Ghost
Their sound: Upbeat pop, synth-y sort of sound but really a fun band. With some meaningful lyrics though, not just fluffy pop they are a fantastic band I'm in love with. Such a great band which you can just put one song on and love it but are worth the effort of listening to the album back to back.

Band: Friendly Fires
Album to buy: Friendly Fires
Song to listen to: Kiss of Life, Hawaiian Air
Their sound: Honestly just watch the kiss of life music video or watch a few of their live shows and try not to fall in love with the lead singer, Ed Macfarlane's dancing. Other than that they have a really great summery sound, the kind of thing you can't help but dance or sing to. Feel good music.

Band: Vampire Weekend
Album to buy: Contra
Song to listen to: Diane Young, White Sky
Their sound: An indie band but with a unique sound, fresh sort of percussion feel, generally quite light but with catchy hooks you'll sing for days. Especially Diane Young you'll rarely find me not singing it.

Give them a try,

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