12 Jun 2013

An Overview

I really haven't been posting to this enough, probably because my laptop has been messing up but I do enjoy it so I should do more. I thought I'd give you a brief overview of things at the moment. The first week or so of the summer holidays I felt really at a loss, without a job and being off school for so long it was kind of like I have so much free time and I should be enjoying myself because it's the summer holidays but I just wasn't in particular. At the moment I feel much better, I now have a job which means money which is always nice, there are so many things I want at the moment, I might make a post about it, a couple of bags, some clothes and jewellery I have my eye on. Also it was my birthday yesterday (I'm now 17) which was so lovely. I had to work most of the day but then I went out for a meal with my friends and it was so nice, just really good company and food and presents, everything was just lovely.
I didn't have any plans in particular today so I've just been in watching terrible TV which was nice and relaxing but I do have work tomorrow, it's only a 5 hour shift though which, compared to my consecutive 9 hour ones, seems pathetic.
I just feel much better about everything at the moment so I shall attempt to post more often,
All my love,

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